No Need for Taxpayer Subsidies Through Prop 1

Union Pacific’s profits up 83%

A completely new argument being made FOR Proposition 1 is rail safety. State Representative Ruth McClendon Jones and others claim rail companies don’t have the money to move their rail lines out of urban areas. Not true, Reuters published an article stating Union Pacific’s profits are up 83%. They make twice what the Transportation Commission collects in state gas tax revenues, so there is no financial data to support these politicians’ claims that rail companies can’t afford to move their lines.

Taxpayers need to be made aware of this fact and encouraged to vote NO on Proposition 1! It confirms what we’ve been saying all along. Taxpayers shouldn’t be asked to pay for private companies’ costs of doing of business. These very profitable companies keep coming to the taxpayer trough and it’s time to say a loud “No!”

See the article for yourself. They have since taken down this article!