America is for sale: Seminar to sell off American infrastructure to be held in NYC

In June, TxDOT held it’s own seminar of this type announcing “Texas is open for business.” Now it’s a national seminar that we could appropriately call: “America is for sale: come git your piece of the taxpayer fleecing.” It’s all about selling off American infrastructure using these public-private parnerships like the still SECRET deal Rick Perry signed with Spanish-based Cintra and minority partner Zachry Construction in San Antonio.
See the event information, speaker list, and sponsor list here. You’ll see a lot of familiar culprits who make their living feeding at the public trough like Parsons Brinckerhoff (where the former Executive Director of our MPO now works), Transurban (one of the few international toll road infrastructure companies based in Australia), and of course, Cintra. Angry? Vote out every last toller on November 7!