Anti-toll, anti-Perry vote split; Perry wins re-election with less than 40%

Governor Perry won re-election even though 60% of Texans voted to throw him out in an anomaly as unique as Texas. His audition to be the VP candidate in ’08 while in D.C. last week just flopped since he couldn’t even win a majority in his home state. Not the best VP candidate when he can’t even deliver his home state…Al Gore would be President had he won his home state.

I want to sincerely thank Comptroller Strayhorn for her dedication to our cause and for daring to step outside the Party system to fight for the PEOPLE. Without her “tough” relentless stance and campaigning against Perry’s toll road boondoggles, our movement would never have advanced to this level. Thank you! A tremendous THANKS to filmmaker Bill Molina for months of time and sacrifice on his own dime to produce a cinematically gripping and beautiful documentary, Truth Be Tolled, on this subject that made national news and educated thousands of Texans and certainly influenced this election.

Also, we all owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to all of our supporters for all of their countless hours of hard work in educating thousands of voters about the double tax, foreign-controlled toll road plans and about the egregious NAFTA Highway, or Trans Texas Corridor. Without your efforts, this issue NEVER would have become one of the TOP issues in this Governor’s race. Perry’s battered and pathetic showing is due to your diligent, undying commitment to this cause!

We have the momentum and have added thousands to our cause…this issue will not go away and we will not be ignored until we WIN!

Keep the faith…much more to come after we analyze our progress in key races and in key parts of the state. Next steps and more to come. Stay tuned!

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  1. Esteban Erik Stipnieks

    Memo to Perry: You talked about being a gov for all Texans….YOU GOT LESS THEN 40% of the Vote. Ya think it is about the toll roads? The people have spoken LESS THEN 40% voted for you. Ya think we might me trying to give you a hint!

  2. David Ramos

    I hardly see 39% as a “mandate” from the voters in this State. I believe it was clear that Perry’s stance (and unwillingness to listen to the people) on issues like the Texas Trans Corridor turned a MAJORITY of Texans against him.

    Having “polled” many voters at the polls these past few days, it is clear that the majority of Texans are recognizing the significant impact that Perry’s intended “transportation plan” (read tolls and TTC-35 here) will have on everyone.

    I applaud Terri Hall for leading the movement to bring these important issues to the forefront….I certainly don’t think that the majority of Texans (who have consistently shown a contempt for TTC-35 and toll roads) will sit idly as Perry plows ahead with his “plan”.

    The recent Express-News article (Saturday-November 4th) clearly demonstrated that Perry’s campaign was partially financed with those elements that would benefit from mass implementation of the TTC-35 and toll-roads in general.

    I have faith in my fellow citizens that they will not let these significant concerns (regarding TTC-35 and toll-roads) be pushed aside by a governor who seems intent on rewarding his “special interests”.

    To my Fellow citizens concerned about our future ….let’s keep up the good fight and show Perry and TXDOT we are still a force to be reckoned with !!!

    Dave Ramos

  3. Imogene W. Chapman

    I’m happy for the positive impact made by Texas voters who will continue to fight against toll roads.

  4. Ed McGann

    Terri, it is YOU who deserve the greatest thanks for your absolutely awesome dedication, leadership, and energy on the toll road issue! I am amazed that one person would give so much of herself to a cause for which no personal gain is expected. I hope and pray that in time we will be victorious against toll roads, so that all your efforts will be made worthwhile. Keep the faith!

  5. Kurtis Pickett

    I, like the other folks that recognized the TTC as a givaway to foreign investments and this RHINO Govenor Perry, are wondering…..what now to prevent the additional tax burden and defeat or this very real threat to future Texans ability to drive in this State.

  6. Sandra Tokarski

    Thank you to all the good folks in Texas who are working keep our highways and roads in the public domain and toll free.

    We are fighting the same fight here in Indiana. We will “keep the faith” with you.

  7. Dennis W. Russell

    I said basically the same thing the day after the elections. Perry is no fool and looking at the numbers he has to see that Mrs. Strayhorn would have won this election if it hadn’t been his good fortune that Kinky Friedman got in the race. She would have more than likely pulled all of his (Kinky Friedman’s) votes since those folks we’re not wanting to vote for either of the other two party candidates and were voting for an Independant. Hopefully, we can still stop this mad man from giving Texas away. If they are going to take my land from me at least let it go to an American owned/controlled company. I still prefer that if there are to be toll roads in Texas, like the personal income tax the voters get to vote on it. Taxation without representation is not an American way. I’m a retired disable veteran who has lost one of my two sons in Iraq and we didn’t serve an America that does this to our citizens without giving them a say in it.

  8. Bob E. Wills

    TTC and amnesty for 20 million illegals IS the #1 issue for G.BUSH and Gov.Perry.Both issues are one in the same.Right after amnesty’s passed(mexico will need TTC,so more can come)–Bush will anounce the Totalization of our Social Security Funds that’ll give all foreigners our pension funds.It’s like one BIG cow paddy.You can’t talk about one without smelling the other.
    Tony Snow revealed to the American people the real issue when asked his evaluation of election return on issues…and it wasn’t IRAQ. paraphased…’now we can get that amnesty bill passed’.
    REMEMBER folks…..It’s ALL about money! I have to say President Bush and Gov.Perry have got a LOT of MONEY coming soon.It must be a gargantuos amount to deceive and turn a deaf ear to 80% of Americans.Is it even a wonder why anti-amnesty candidates were shunned and campaign money withheld from the most popular by the republican party?
    The election races are over but the INFORMED people that know what a castastrophe TTC will do to Texas, spread through the Nation like poison ivy, carrying illegal immigrants that’ll scatter like fire ants….they have JUST begun their fight.Our Congressmen will take up the fight….but they’ll be against the people because now -the Democrats have the access.”If my people called by my name will humle themselves and pray,and seek my face,and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven,and forgive their sins and will heal their land”

  9. Bob E. Wills

    How do we make TTC and illegal immigration an explosive National Exposure–placing personal dependance on each and every citizen of U.S….and not just Texas?This will affect every state.It will become obvious over time then it’s too late.We want to stop it now!

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