Anti-toll, anti-Perry vote split; Perry wins re-election with less than 40%

Governor Perry won re-election even though 60% of Texans voted to throw him out in an anomaly as unique as Texas. His audition to be the VP candidate in ’08 while in D.C. last week just flopped since he couldn’t even win a majority in his home state. Not the best VP candidate when he can’t even deliver his home state…Al Gore would be President had he won his home state.

I want to sincerely thank Comptroller Strayhorn for her dedication to our cause and for daring to step outside the Party system to fight for the PEOPLE. Without her “tough” relentless stance and campaigning against Perry’s toll road boondoggles, our movement would never have advanced to this level. Thank you! A tremendous THANKS to filmmaker Bill Molina for months of time and sacrifice on his own dime to produce a cinematically gripping and beautiful documentary, Truth Be Tolled, on this subject that made national news and educated thousands of Texans and certainly influenced this election.

Also, we all owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to all of our supporters for all of their countless hours of hard work in educating thousands of voters about the double tax, foreign-controlled toll road plans and about the egregious NAFTA Highway, or Trans Texas Corridor. Without your efforts, this issue NEVER would have become one of the TOP issues in this Governor’s race. Perry’s battered and pathetic showing is due to your diligent, undying commitment to this cause!

We have the momentum and have added thousands to our cause…this issue will not go away and we will not be ignored until we WIN!

Keep the faith…much more to come after we analyze our progress in key races and in key parts of the state. Next steps and more to come. Stay tuned!