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  1. j n knight

    If the public cannot have a say about Texas Highways and Toll Roads, then let’s do away with the 20 cents per gallon gasoline State Tax!!!

    Vote No Toll Roads In Texas!!!!!

    J N Knight

  2. Gary Stewart

    If the politicians can’t or won’t hear us, then we need to make sure they’re not politicians any longer. We need to hold the Bexar county commisioners court responsible for the people they’ve appointed. We the people have allowed ourselves to be caught up in the political affiliation game. There is nothing liberal or conservative about the politician who sells your state off to the highest bidder. He’s just a crook.

  3. Joyce Serhan

    What is our next step? We’ve contacted elected politicians in three state where we have property and yet to hear back from anyone.

    Can legal citizens start our own citizens arrest? I believe we are screwed, by Bush!


    Joyce Serhan

  4. Mrs. V.

    I would not expect this from TEXAS. Who the hell steals our land? That is what Texas is all about! Oh wait..the politicians can! My family owns thousands of acres in the affected area. How can you take land away that was meant for all of our siblings to inherit? It has been in our family for way over a century. You are killing our dreams to continue operating our land the way it has been for generations. All for a toll road? You are screwing us in gas and now you want us to pay for the road if we want to drive it? What will happen when nobody wants to pay for your stupid toll? You will have ruined many lives for a failed project. Take care of and improve the existing roads. There is nothing wrong with adding more lanes to highway 281 and other affected areas.

  5. Karen Osowski

    Has anyone connected the dots here………….the I-35 bridge collapse in Minnesota (planned) created fear and then a map of red-listed bridges nationwide was created. The states then increased toll road fees, gas taxes to get monies to repair the bridges, but really to enlarge and strengthen them and widen roads for the Trans-corridor system! I would like a comparison done on the trans-corridor nationwide map to the red-listed bridges nationwide.

  6. Cindy Crawford

    Land…we have that same issue here in California. Parts of Rancho Mission Viejo (still a working ranch in Southern California), Donna ONeil Land Conservancy (a preserve that was created as mitigation for loss of land to other developments), San Onofre State Beach (a state park with a campground stretching into the coastal foothills and the famous surf spot Trestles Beach). San Onofre State Park & Beach is the 5th most visited state park in California, people from all over the country and the world use this state park and surf here. The toll road will close 60% of the state park alone if built, we are fighting it’s construction right now. The toll road company claims “traffic relief” and a whole slew of other non-sense and often gets their twisted propaganda published in every newspaper. More of this is going to start happening all over our country. If anyone has any petitions, letter writing campaigns, support for other states with this same problem which a Californian can participate I’m up for it. Email me (contact info is on my website at http://www.caopenspace.org). Thanks! I’m glad to see people standing up for what is right! Great job!

  7. Mr. S. Morgan

    We The People…….

    Who is “We The People” The Politicans our using every means to continue the Texas Toll Road at the expense of we the people. And yet claim that such will increase traffic relief. All that it will help is put more money in the Politicians pockets and the expenses of the people.
    Take our land and charge us to beable to go to the other land the road runs through. Its time to stand as the our forfathers and petition our voices as one,That our Country is not for sale to the highest bidder.

  8. Susie Gallagher

    NOW AUSTIN KNOWS HOW SA FEELS!! We are getting screwed in the City of Cedar Park by these Toll roads. First they built Toll Booths spending millions of dollars and they have shut all the toll booths down, and the only way you can pay if you dont have a tag is by mail. Where did the money go that was wasted on the Toll Booths that are just sitting there! Now they have contracted a section of 183A in Cedar Park out to a private corporation to handle the billing and customer service. We pay the highest fees in the Austin area. $2.00 for a 2 mile stretch of road. Anytime the State of Texas offers a discount on their “other” tollways in Austin, this does not apply to the City of Cedar Park 183A because it is controlled by MSB. This is wrong! They should not make us pay a dime in Cedar Park until all the money is refunded that they wasted putting up Toll Booths that are no longer in use. Not to mention the Eye Sores they have caused cutting right through our bedroom community! Is there an Austin group like this one in SA.

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