Bexar County Commissioners ask Legislature to restore diverted highway funding

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It’s obvious to anyone remotely tuned-in to transportation issues in this State that our Legislature has repeatedly raided money from a dedicated fund, the gas tax, and put it toward the Dept. of Public Safety, the Dept. of Mental Health and other agencies not relevant to transportation. It’s high time the Legislature restore the STOLEN highway funds from Fund 6 (gas taxes). Considering this year’s budget leaves $3 billion in unallocated funds and places another $4.3 billion in the rainy day fund, Bexar County Commissioners, rallied by Lyle Larson’s leadership, are asking that it be placed into the state highway fund to stop this leaky boat and help prevent the need for toll proliferation, which is clearly the track we’re on. In the past 20 years, nearly $10 billion has been diverted. This $7.3 billion would almost replace those stolen funds.

It’s past time for this happen…citizens shouldn’t have to pay 50 year homage to foreign companies to bail out our Legislature’s horrific mismanagement of our highway funds. A few politicians ought to be thrown out of the boat if they’re not going to fix it.

Thank you Commissioner Lyle Larson for leading the effort to repair the damage and stand up for the citizens of Texas!