Blacklands Corridor – NE Gateway Tollway


The people have spoken and their will is clear – they do not want the proposed private Blacklands Tollway-Northeast Gateway corridor through Rockwall to Greenville in east Dallas. Nearly 1,500 people packed the theater to put their opposition on the record.

Private Northeast Gateway tollway near Dallas draws angry crowd (public meeting in Rockwall on Monday, September 22, 2014)

Is the NE Gateway a truly private road? See the Dangers of the Northeast Gateway Tollway (PDF) flyer.

Sign the petition

to oppose the proposed Blacklands Corridor Tollway/Northeast Gateway project.

Submit public comments

Public comments due by October 2, 2014 to

Be sure to include your full name and address with your comments.

Since this is being submitted electronically, be sure to ask for confirmation of receipt of your comments by NCTCOG.

State that you want the ‘no build’ option.

Feel free to give reasons whether it’s the use of eminent domain by a private company, the traffic counts don’t justify it, you’d rather see expansion of I-30, or other vital points, the main thing is to get the ’no build’ option on the official record. It comes into play later for potential legal challenges.

Schedule of meetings

Texas Turnpike Corporation (TTC) has scheduled 10 informal public information meetings starting September 25th and going through October 7th. Warning: Whatever they say does NOT count on the official record. This is designed to promote their own propaganda and possibly make concessions that could change later.
See details on the TTC web site…

Please remember according to the NCTCOG, RTC and TXDOT presentations, discussions, and paperwork this project is called the Blacklands Corridor Toll Road. The TTC/Public Werks is using the name “Northeast Gateway” (maybe trying to cause confusion with another project called “South Gateway”).

Action Item

One of the best ways to stop this tollway dead in its tracks is to get local cities and counties to pass resolutions opposing it. The City of Rockwall already passed one and put it in the official record September 22 at the Rockwall public meeting.

Ask your city/county to pass one immediately. You can use the resolution passed by City of Rockwall (PDF) as an example.

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Local Grassroots Coordinator

Bryan Slaton, 469-585-2686, or by email