Breaking: VICTORY #2 – CDA moratorium gets voted out of senate committee!

SB 1267, the CDA moratorium bill, was unanimously voted out of the Senate Transportation Committee today. There were some amendments made to it that could have had a significant impact on the 281/1604 toll project and whether or not the amendments could exempt 281/1604 from the moratorium. The amendments were primarily offered to pacify committee members in the Dallas area who wanted certain projects in advanced stages to be exempted. It appears the amendments will still impact the San Antonio region, since San Antonio meets all four criteria below. But the fight is not over.

Here’s a list of what the amendment exempted:

1. Projects known as managed lanes, defined as new lanes added to existing highways (there is no clear definition of what this means anywhere at TxDOT).

2. The exemptions only pertain to non-attainment or near non-attainment air quality areas (which just about every urban area in the State is in this category).

3. Projects where TxDOT has already put out requests for qualifications (a stage in the bidding/construction process, uncertain as to whether the 281/1604 project is in that stage).

4. It is approved by their County Commissioners, who would fully understand the non-compete clauses.

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