BREAKING NEWS: City of San Antonio now denies it changed the timing of the signals on 281!

According to a reliable source, I was just informed this evening that Christina De La Cruz at the City’s Public Works Department has now denied the City changed the timing of the signal lights along US 281. De La Cruz admitted to the ENTIRE MPO Board on January 23 ON the record (recorded on tape) and in the presence of a dozen Toll Party supporters and others in the audience, that the City had been “tweaking” the timing of the traffic signals on US 281. Lyle Larson demanded answers and a report on his desk by week’s end (which the City did NOT comply with until yesterday). (See previous blog on this subject).

De La Cruz pulled us aside (Terri and 2 other witnesses) out in the hallway at the MPO Meeting to explain TxDOT had turned in new traffic counts which prompted them to change the timing of the lights. Note in a letter of explanation on this subject from City Public Works Director, Tom Wendorf, who also happens to have an appointment on the MPO Board and voted to allocate YOUR federal gas tax dollars to toll 281 (can you say, conflict of interest?), that the traffic has essentially STAYED THE SAME in paragraph 5: “the reality of the situation is that the amount of traffic is still the same.” (See letter in previous blog).

So again we have a BLATANT contradiction if not an outright LIE. Why would TxDOT turn in new traffic counts to prompt the City to change the timing of the signals when they also admit the traffic counts have REMAINED THE SAME! Something smells rotten in Denmark! Wendorf’s letter also CLEARLY states that the City DID change the signal timing at the end of the second paragraph: “The City of San Antonio has recently made some changes to the traffic lights at these intersections.” So which is it, Mr. Wendorf?

Time to go over the heads of the hired hands folks, and demand IMMEDIATE answers and changes from our elected officials. FLOOD THEM WITH PHONE CALLS NEXT WEEK! These UNELECTED BUREAUCRATS are politicizing traffic flow and tinkering with our lives and STEALING OUR TIME! They give fuel to the public’s suspicions that the highway lobby, Governor Perry and his corrupt Transportation Commission will stop at NOTHING to toll our existing freeways! This is just the beginning, imagine the misery once Cintra, a foreign company negotiating to takeover our toll system in San Antonio, gets control of those traffic lights on the non-toll roads. What we’ve been experiencing for the last several weeks is a glimpse into the overt manipulation we can expect from foreign toll operators, but this time for PROFIT!

Contact Mr. Wendorf’s superiors, starting with the Mayor, and tell them you want it changed back!

Susan Reed, District Attorney at (210) 335-2311 (although, she’s under investigation by the Secret Service in a Southwest Airlines ticket scandal. Read more here. Where are the public servants we can trust unclouded by corruption and scandal?)
Mayor Phil Hardberger:
Kevin Wolff:
County Judge Nelson Wolff:
Lyle Larson:
Attorney General:

Contact your City Council member here!

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0 Replies to “BREAKING NEWS: City of San Antonio now denies it changed the timing of the signals on 281!”

  1. Earl Phillips

    This is becoming the norm with a lot of politicians these days. Thats what happens when people vote Party lines or ethnic lines. Some day maybe someone will wake up and actually get informed about the people they are trying to elect. In an age of electronic information, there isn’t any reason for someone not to know the full story of the people they want elected. Earl Phillips

  2. Nancy Strack

    My letters to the editor of the SA Express News trying to inform the public about the corruption involved in the toll roads never get published. I keep trying.

    I suggest Ch 4 WOAI be begged to pursue this to the degree they did the scandal involving the school principal. They can be relentless but they need to know all the facts like the non-disclosure, the two former Exec Directors of ARMA and MPO who now work for companies that stand to makes millions, TxDOT and the city “tweaking” the lights, etc.

    I will make a request of WOAI and suggest that others do too. Maybe they’ll see how many people are viewers who trust them and perhaps get their ratings up even higher.

  3. M. Hernandez

    Business as usual in San Antonio. The politicos just dont care about the people. My family of five (all voting age) are watching this closely.

  4. Erin Zayko/Aquifer Guardians

    We all do favors for our friends. This basic and inately altruistic aspect of our behavior seems to inevetably work its way beyond our personal lives into the workplace, turning favors and friendly relationships into outright agents of corruption — especially when supposed accountability to the public is involved. Unfortunately, the idea of “conflict of interest” is easly lost on many. In lieu of an acute pandemic change in our critical thinking on ethical values, there isn’t, as Earl Phillip suggests above, “any reason for someone not to know the full story of the people they want elected in age of electronic information.”

    I encourage everyone to check out what Save our Springs Alliance in the City of Austin is doing to truly ring in the age of information at time when corruption abounds at every level.

    They are calling for open, on-line, participatory government using their home rule power of iniative and referendum to force the city to vote on an Open Governement Online Charter Amendment that will include real time access to government business. Sure beats waiting for Freedom of Information requests to come back weeks or months after its too late to use any of the information.

    A similar charter amendment is possible in SA, pending community support for such a venture.

    Check it out here:

    Keep in mind they have bundled and are petitioning for two charter amendments–Clean Water and Clean Government. We could do one or both.

    And Kudos Earl for suggesting that towing the party line is a huge diservice to the idea of participatory democracy. We need to be issue oriented and critical and honest about all of our elected officials and their behavior in order to bring ethics and civics back together. Things are much more complicated than left or right and I’m thrilled that this toll road issue has brought diverse groups of people together. Now is the time to form consensus about alternatives to toll roads that will make San Antonio more liveable for all of us.

  5. Acquaintance of the Public Works Director

    I find it extremely interesting that the Public Works department states that they cannot “tweak” the lights in San Antonio in order to synchronize them to lessen traffic congestion and pollution, due to supposed fiscal restraints (it would cost too much to synchronize them) – but to suit their own nefarious purposes they are willing to “tweak” the signal lights. Absolutely scandalous the lengths to which our officials and politicians will go to line the coffers of private companies. One has to wonder – why?

  6. M Posson

    Politics is the governance of society by the people and therefore for the people. The operative word here is “people”. We need competent people to make the right decissions for the public welfare. We do not need to get a welfare state caused by mismanagement! Toll roads may be the right funding idea, but it shoiuld be a consortium of Texan Citizens investing in the future of our roads appropriate to need. Yes martha- we need help on 1604. From 151 to IH10 – probably. BUT A 16 lane HIGHWAY to COMAL COUNTY UP 281? Why not have the toll be a HOV double lane? The whole toll concept is so bad right now, all we really need is transparent open access to the REAL STORY. Only with public demand are these people going to be doing their “job” to the standards we want.
    In other words, we can trust them if we can see every move they make.(There’s the real job!)
    Tham]nk You All for being involved. I intend to be!

  7. Tim jacobi

    Whether you agree or disagree with Sheehan (the anti-war activist) or not, is one thing. But, we can all learn from her how you can get the world to listen to your side of the story even without money and politicos in your pocket.

    If she can do it, we can do it here in TX too and get this scam exposed and ended and, god-forbid, get the politicians to accept responsibility.

    There is hope

  8. Jerry Huddleston

    I love the standard answer of our politicians when they are on the wrong side, “the people just don’t know all the facts”. That’s why over 70% in the BizJournal poll said they were against the toll roads. They are probably right. I’m sure we do not know all the facts. Especially the fact of who’s pockets are being greased by the private companies wanting to run over the popular desire of the people affected. Has anyone actually stopped to analize the cost differences between toll roads and gas tax funded roads. Lets see, if we put in a toll road, we also establish a new taxing entity (the private company). They set the tolls and, by the way, they are in the business to make a profit (that is what private enterprise does. And that is great in competitive situations.). They also have to base their toll prices on raising enough money to build toll booths (not needed when built with tax dollars). to pay toll employees to man the booths (not needed when built with tax dollars). to finance additional work on existing roads that will get additional lights and stop signs and less maintenance to slow down traffice on those exisitng roads in hope of forcing you to use the toll road(not needed when built with tax dollars). And by the way, when the new road is built with money raised through increased gas taxes….100% OF ALL MONEY RAISED GOES TOWARDS THE COST OF THE ROAD. There is no need for a new taxing entity. The entity already exist. And as an added bonus, it is state run. Much more difficult for unscrupolus politicians to get their hands into. When you consider all this, it seems pretty clear to me, that any politician that truly works on the best behalf of his or her constituents would be against toll roads. And that those that support toll roads could very well have an alternate motive…cash being funneled either direclty to them or their campaign. It is our choice! Vote for the political candidate you would rather have represent you. If a candidate hedges or claims not to have made up their mind…..yeah right. This is an opportunity for tax payers to send a very big message. I hope it is one we can live with.

  9. Glenda Moyes

    I just returned from a weekend in Houston. My friend and I had a very difficult time avoiding the toll roads there. We asked 3 different employees of the hotel we were staying at how to get to a Waffle House. All three gave us directions that involved using the toll road. They seemed completely incapable of thinking there was any other way around Houston. We gave up after the third try and pulled out our map, and watched for a Waffle House as we left this morning. Glenda Moyes Schertz Texas

  10. Esteban Erik Stipnieks

    We do not understand how we the people are supposed to serve the politicians and the big buisness interests that pay theirbills. The schools do not exist for the students, the students exist for the schools according to Dr.Stipnieks, school board member, as she supports Carter Casteel who is in favor of toll roads and against vouchers…never mind the fact she sent her son to Winston School San Antonio for 2 years. We the drivers exist for HB Zachry and Cintra so that they may get rich.

    How dare we get so out of line as to demand that politicians act for the common good and be held accountable to we the people… That might make this a Constitutional Republic with limits on govermental power?

  11. Charles Lindsey

    I’ve let some politicians know, and I hope they all read this, because I will vote against any, and all, politicians that support toll roads. It’s criminal to think they can support a permanent tax, because that is what it is. If additional money is needed for roads raise the gas tax. It may be unpopular and no one wants to pay more for gasoline but at least everyone pays, not just a few and we’re not agreeing to a permanent mortgage for toll roads. I like the suggestion about putting some overpasses on Hwy 281 north; while you’re at it replace the traffic stoppers, er, I mean traffic lights on 1604 west of Bandera Road with overpasses as well. How stupid to put the traffic lights on a freeway unless your intention is to stop traffic. Put the overpasses in to keep traffic MOVING. What a concept! Or is this just an intentional ploy to get those toll roads in? I’m not buying it! You can fool some of the people some of the time …. Yes, politicos I’ve got your number and I’ve got a vote against every one of you who support toll roads! Believe it! and I tell everyone that will listen.

  12. Laurren Edwards

    I am still confused about how the State can take a US Hwy, that was funded in part with Federal money, and turn it over to a privet concern to make money. Has not US 281 been paid for? What does our Senator from New Braunfels have to say? After all this is a US Hwy.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against toll roads. I use the one in Houston every time I go to Houston. If someone wants to build a toll road, go ahead and purchase the land, do the surveying, eviromental studies, cut out mountains, build up the foundation and everything else required to build a NEW road. Then charge people to use it. But, don’t take a road that has already been paid for and now charge me to use it.

  13. Greg W. Ehrlich

    Many years ago a President worked to make our Texas roadways great. He was both praised and criticized for it, but we’ve enjoyed them ever since. Now some say Texas can’t afford to maintain and update these roads and tolling is the future? He’s turning in his grave.
    I say as with so many other schemes our “representatives and counselors” have come up with in the near past, we’re being sold-a-bill-of-goods. It’s a watch face. What you see is so smooth and simple never revealing the vast gears and grease behind. “They” stick it to us in increments. Do “they” delay repair of problems even though it was funded with legitimate tax money years earlier? Do they manipulate the figures in “their” favor? Is the worsening problem real, imagined, or caused to get the public to look the other way? Legislation is Passed to toll. Oh, and by the way it must be (and/or must have been) lucrative because a private company is already set up to take over when it’s done. And finally when it’s not sound policy, otherwise known as tactically advantageous, “They” skip the vote and shove it down the beleaguered and now wary tax payer’s throat. Little does it mater to them, a little deviousness. “They’re” never held criminally accountable “they’re” just acting on the information given them and since when have morals, good judgment and a concern for the little-man’s welfare ever gotten in the way?
    Txdot and city employees, as with all elected and positioned government, are in public trust. Slippery people should not be allowed to continue with manipulative tactics. A United States highway that has LBJ’s “signature” on it, to be re-designed to squeeze the tax payer and sold off to private enterprise is a slap in His face.

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