BREAKING NEWS: City of San Antonio now denies it changed the timing of the signals on 281!

According to a reliable source, I was just informed this evening that Christina De La Cruz at the City’s Public Works Department has now denied the City changed the timing of the signal lights along US 281. De La Cruz admitted to the ENTIRE MPO Board on January 23 ON the record (recorded on tape) and in the presence of a dozen Toll Party supporters and others in the audience, that the City had been “tweaking” the timing of the traffic signals on US 281. Lyle Larson demanded answers and a report on his desk by week’s end (which the City did NOT comply with until yesterday). (See previous blog on this subject).

De La Cruz pulled us aside (Terri and 2 other witnesses) out in the hallway at the MPO Meeting to explain TxDOT had turned in new traffic counts which prompted them to change the timing of the lights. Note in a letter of explanation on this subject from City Public Works Director, Tom Wendorf, who also happens to have an appointment on the MPO Board and voted to allocate YOUR federal gas tax dollars to toll 281 (can you say, conflict of interest?), that the traffic has essentially STAYED THE SAME in paragraph 5: “the reality of the situation is that the amount of traffic is still the same.” (See letter in previous blog).

So again we have a BLATANT contradiction if not an outright LIE. Why would TxDOT turn in new traffic counts to prompt the City to change the timing of the signals when they also admit the traffic counts have REMAINED THE SAME! Something smells rotten in Denmark! Wendorf’s letter also CLEARLY states that the City DID change the signal timing at the end of the second paragraph: “The City of San Antonio has recently made some changes to the traffic lights at these intersections.” So which is it, Mr. Wendorf?

Time to go over the heads of the hired hands folks, and demand IMMEDIATE answers and changes from our elected officials. FLOOD THEM WITH PHONE CALLS NEXT WEEK! These UNELECTED BUREAUCRATS are politicizing traffic flow and tinkering with our lives and STEALING OUR TIME! They give fuel to the public’s suspicions that the highway lobby, Governor Perry and his corrupt Transportation Commission will stop at NOTHING to toll our existing freeways! This is just the beginning, imagine the misery once Cintra, a foreign company negotiating to takeover our toll system in San Antonio, gets control of those traffic lights on the non-toll roads. What we’ve been experiencing for the last several weeks is a glimpse into the overt manipulation we can expect from foreign toll operators, but this time for PROFIT!

Contact Mr. Wendorf’s superiors, starting with the Mayor, and tell them you want it changed back!

Susan Reed, District Attorney at (210) 335-2311 (although, she’s under investigation by the Secret Service in a Southwest Airlines ticket scandal. Read more here. Where are the public servants we can trust unclouded by corruption and scandal?)
Mayor Phil Hardberger:
Kevin Wolff:
County Judge Nelson Wolff:
Lyle Larson:
Attorney General:

Contact your City Council member here!

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