Call Reps to CHANGE SB 792…HB 1892 protections need to become LAW!

The Senate SOLD US OUT! Call your Reps to tell them to CHANGE SB 792! We expect the provisions from HB 1892 to become LAW! The Senate voted on an 80 page bill the Governor is pushing without even reading it…SB 792 has an exception for the Trans Texas Corridor I-69 project to move ahead using a private toll CDA and added “market valuation” language that would turn tolling authorities into mini-Cintras! Apparently the senators were more concerned about missing their summer vacations due to the Governor’s special session threats than they were about REPRESENTING YOU!

What happened to Senator Kevin Eltife who said “we’ve created a monster” in TxDOT. What happened to Senator Steve Ogden who said he was righting past sins this session having felt betrayed by toll road legislation author Mike Krusee in 2003? What happened to John Carona and David Dewhurst who warned of sky high toll escalation in the hands of a foreign company? What happened to the 27 senators who voted FOR HB 1892 only to cave to a dictator in less than a week? This Senate just weakened the Legislative branch of government. We’re headed for a full throttle dictatorship under a rogue Governor.

It’s nothing short of stunning…we need to UNLEASH VOTER FURY and show these guys that they ought to FEAR the voters more than Mr. 39% Perry’s veto pen! Flood them with RELENTLESS phone calls and emails! WE ARE the owners of government, not the foreign companies salivating over our PUBLIC highways and the Governor they’ve got in their hip pocket! We will accept nothing less than the moratorium with needed protections becoming LAW!

We’re Texans, now act like it!

CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE RIGHT NOW and ask them respectfully but firmly to:

“Stand strong in support of the provisions from HB 1892. You need to keep taxpayer protections and strip the ‘market valuation’ language in SB 792 to make this bill acceptable! Be ready to override any veto.”

Find out who your reps are here.

You may contact each representative by calling the Capitol switchboard: (512) 463-4630 and/or via email below:

San Antonio State Representatives:

Rep. Joe Farias,
Rep. David Leibowitz,
Rep. Nathan Macias,
Rep. Joe Straus,
Rep. Joaquin Castro,
Rep. Trey Martinez-Fischer –
Rep. Frank Corte –
Rep. Ruth McClendon-Jones –
Rep. Jose Menendez –
Rep. Robert Puente –
Rep. Mike Villarreal –
Rep. Edmund Kuempel –

San Antonio Area Senators who voted FOR the Governor’s bill:
Sen. Leticia Van de Putte,
Sen. Jeff Wentworth,
Sen. Carlos Uresti,
Sen. Judith Zaffirini,

We’ve come so far, we cannot let the special interests win now…

27 Replies to “Call Reps to CHANGE SB 792…HB 1892 protections need to become LAW!”

  1. ron litwornia

    stop toll roads , ken valintine tried special interest legislation in new braunfels , and the VOTERS had enough . Who’s next ?

  2. ron litwornia

    stop toll roads , ken valintine tried special interest legislation in new braunfels , and the VOTERS had enough . Who’s next ?

  3. Michelle

    I guess our Senate has gotten lazy, its not for the people anymore it is about themselves. What Uncle sam can do for me. The toll roads are a JOKE ! Texas has a road tax that is suposse to be designed for our roads. So who’s pocket is that going into? The Senate is a Joke bunch of damm yupes messing up a Great state because of greed.

  4. Luis J Medina

    Please let me know what part of …. “WE DON’T NEED TOOL ROADS” you do not understand. I’ll be happy to EXPLAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did you had time to read it? If HB 1892 does not become law, I’m holding you responsible for it. Are you ready for the consequences?

  5. Michael B. Burke

    I wrote both Mr. Uresti and Mr. Leibowitz and vented my frustration. Just wanted to let you know. We Texans must stand together on this! Mike Burke

  6. Luis J Medina

    Oh dear senators, I love you to take care of me. Please impose toll roads on all of us Texans that we don’t know what is good for us. Since you are smarter than I please take decisions on my behalf. Please raise taxes and impose toll roads. I know this will be good for all of us. Thank you, Thank you Thank you. God bless you always!

  7. Luis J Medina

    Please put some tolls on me! I can’t wait to give you the little money I have.

  8. Luis J Medina

    This is a revolt like what you have never seen. It is a battle of Flowers parade!. This is San Antonio!

  9. G Denzler

    I keep calling and e-mailing daily to see our elected officials not listen to those who they serve us the voters. It is so frustrating – wonder since gasoline taxes and exisitng roads are in the Texas funds – why have these toll roads and MORE costs from each citizen? Let’s have the elected offficials either use the funds that have been designated for roads and exisiting funds for future roads – or Privately pay from their OWN elected officials PERSONAL FUND forever instead of taxing and tolling us more!!!!

  10. edward fitzpatrick

    the bill the people wants is HB 1892
    not the governor’s bill SB 792
    do not sell out the people’s right to have a say in their toll road future
    did you even read the bill the governor put forth?

  11. Richard Tisdale

    I will work to defeat these “Senators” who voted for Perry’s bill. They may think we will forget but what’s the saying? “Forget Hell!”

  12. Sandra Tokarski

    Who and What are the power behind the I-69 project? Overwhelming numbers of citizens in Indiana are opposed to this wasteful debacle. Even more citizens oppose privatizing and tolling our highways. Big money in the Highway Construction and Tolling Lobby is controlling our elected officials.

  13. John D. Rowland

    I stand strong in support of HB 1892. The Governor’s SB 792 ‘compromise’ bill guts HB 1892 protections and it’s unacceptable. NO COMPROMISE, no other bills this late in the session! You voted for HB 1892 once, we expect you to vote AGAINST SB 792 and to override the Governor’s veto of HB 1892 so it can become LAW. If you vote for SB 792, don’t expect my vote for you when your run again!

  14. Bob Terrill

    What is wrong with these people? Did they not want to do the public’s work when they ran for office? Or did they have different motives? Actions speak louder than words. I guess no one in this country has the back bone to stand up and do what is right. Why don’t they take that HUGE surplus of our tax money and build us the roads that we need?

  15. Charla Hale and Dr. Joe Kennedy

    We e-mailed the San Antonio senators who voted for the governor’s bill. This is a terrible thing. Please keep fighting for us until we get the horrible governor shut down. Thanks, Charla Hale and Dr. Joe Kennedy

  16. Marilyn Knapp Litt

    I called and the phones were not busy!!! Get to work if you have had enough!

  17. Esteban Erik Stipnieks

    Wentworth acted like Wentworth. He voted 792 out of committee. Wentworth’s definition of original idea is one one with a politcal contribution attached to it. Wentworth will always seek the path of least resistance. We have to maintain constant pressure and constant watch on him. The man does not seek conflict and will avoid it all costs. He will or have his staffers lie to you to avoid conflict. Remember this man’s definition of school reform means requiring the students of Texas to require the Texas pledge.

  18. Kathy Palmer

    Here was my response to the Senators, with a special section for Senator Vandeputte. My letter to my Representatives was pretty much the same, minus the first two paragraphs.

    “I am appalled at your lack of ability to stand up to Governor Perry. Voting for SB 792 as a way to try to make sure your summer vacation starts on time versus doing your job representing the citizens of Texas in a special session is incorrigible.

    I can only hope that if a special session is called that you will stand up for the people of Texas then, instead of running like you did before. I can only hope you understand how these bills (or lack thereof) will affect the citizens of Texas in the future and work to protect us instead of throwing us out the door with the bathwater.

    Please Stand strong in support of HB 1892. The Governor’s SB 792 ‘compromise’ bill guts HB 1892 protections and it’s unacceptable. Please, NO COMPROMISE, no other bills this late in the session! You voted for HB 1892 once, I expect you to vote AGAINST SB 792 and to override the Governor’s veto of HB 1892 so it can become LAW!

    Please do not be more concerned about missing the start of the summer vacation than being called into special session.
    This is probably one of the most important votes for the future of Texas that you could make this year.

    DO NOT let Gov. 39% bully you into accepting less than what the CITIZENS of TEXAS WANT!

    WE WANT HB 1892 VOTED INTO LAW! You have heard the voices of the people, now please make sure the Governor hears them as well! You are our voice to him!”


    Kathy Palmer
    Saint Hedwig, TX

  19. Thomas Jinnette

    These are professional politicians. It is HUGE money. They know more tricks than we can think of to “tell us what we want to hear” and then do what will allow them to politically survive. We have fed, clothed and sheltered them and their families. They cannot or will not hear us until election time.. Remember their deception when it comes time to vote and put new faces in Austin. We can scream at the darkness all we want. It’s time to move into the light… or send them into the light.


    Once again we note that our elected officials have ignored us. The elitism and arrogance
    displayed by these officials is absolutely astonishing!! Our senator (Mr. Wentworth) has once again shown his disdain for the people he is supposed to represent. He will have to know that I will work very hard this next election to have him thrown out of office. His actions on this matter reminds us of the time he voted for a piece of legislation that he sponsered (and supposedly wrote) but had NOT even read prior to the vote.
    Another Email and phone call will go to him over our names.

  21. Dean Adermann

    SAtollParty and General Public: Please take the 3 minutes to phone your representatives. I did (and it wasn’t difficult). A big “Thank You” to all of the hard working, persistent people at SAtollParty!!!! We appreciate your hard work. Like Mr. Medina stated: “We are not sheep. This NATION will be awake soon.”

  22. Jim

    We need to be extremely vocal in any and all elections for these Senators and give our votes to those that oppose toll roads regardless of party affiliation. Party lines are ruining this state and country!

  23. Elizabeth Pettit

    I emailed Mr. 39%’s transportation aide. I mentioned that Perry needs to stop messing
    around with the people’s will and let the legislative process prevail. Anyone who would
    continually press this issue of the Trans Texas Corridor to people who don’t want or need
    it has a personal agenda, and I believe something to gain from it.

    Elizabeth Pettit
    St. Hedwig, TX

  24. SGM Antony Jenkins

    First I did not vote for Gov. Perry’s re-election bid and was equally disappointed when he won the election for this very reason. Toll roads on existing roads allows outside entities to profit from construction that has already been paid for with existing taxes that were already targeted for this purpose.
    Second to have this forced on our heads by a legislature that seems hell bent on their own agenda on this issue in my opinion is assinine. Expansion of existing roads is something that I would support but more toll roads is not the answer because when would the tolls no longer be needed?
    Last the Govenor is wrong.

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