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    This anonymous note just in…
    “I know a realtor who previously used Carter Casteel’s Ameripoint Title company for title service. She has now moved her business to another company because of Casteel’s position on the toll road. Why not start a organized boycott of Ameripoint Title, Casteel’s company? She is probably supporting the toll road figuring that it will bring increased development to the Hill Country resulting in increased business for her company. Why not make her pay in her personal pocketbook for supporting toll roads? I don’t know whether Casteel owns all of Ameripoint in San Antonio or just the Bulverde office, but a city-wide boycott of Ameripoint by realtors would certainly put a lot of pressure on her.”
    Great suggestion! Realtors and others that boycott Ameripoint Title, please chime in here and let us know!

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