Can you smell VICTORY? Moratorium on private toll road deals is on its way to becoming law

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE March 15, 2007: Krusee tells Texas Observer HB 2772 will get a hearing (read it here)!
VICTORY WITHIN REACH! (March 14, 2007):

Speaker Craddick, thanks to your phone calls, has assigned HB 2772, that puts a two year moratorium on private toll road contracts called CDAs, to the Transportation Committee for a hearing. He could have bottled up the bill as has been done before at the bidding of the Governor, but THANKS TO YOU, he didn’t.

After a hard fought battle by YOU, the grassroots, we’re closer than ever to actually STOPPING what TxDOT has arrogantly been saying “is a done deal.” Goes to prove, there is no law that cannot be undone, and the Legislature is wisely wishing to undo their “past sins” and give themselves and the taxpayers a “do over.” It was my privilege to be all over the State Capitol talking to our representatives to garner support for HB 2772 and testifying in committees to push for needed reforms ON THE VERY DAY CRADDICK DECIDES NOT TO STALL THE BILL AND SEND IT COMMITTEE!

How exciting and refreshing to be a part of citizen driven public policy! This is the best synopsis, so rather than attempt to tell it, read the good news and git the skinny here.

Time to turn up the heat on House Transportation Chair, pro-toll, pro-Perry agenda, best friend of the highway lobby, “I barely won re-election due to being pro-toll” Mike Krusee who could REFUSE to give HB 2772 a hearing and make the bill die in committee. Take nothing for granted, do NOT STOP THE PRESSURE and CALLS to REPS until this bill becomes law (7 San Antonio reps still have yet to officially sign-on, we still need to reach 100 to be able to override a Perry veto)!

Also, contact Chair Mike Krusee right away at and (512) 463-0670. One person should NEVER have the power to thwart 93 elected State Representatives and 81% of the State Senate!