Cancel that: Leon Valley City Council stonewalls vote against tolls on Bandera!

The standing room only group of concerned citizens who turned out for Thursday night’s Leon Valley City Council meeting were shocked at the effort by their Council to stonewall any resolution against tolling Bandera Road. Both Councilman Art Reyna (see history here and here) and Mayor Chris Riley (read history here) were stunned at the Council’s refusal to represent the universal opposition of the residents of Leon Valley and pass a resolution against tolls on Bandera Road. After it was clear no strongly worded resolution was going to get support from the majority, Councilman Reyna withdrew his resolution to prevent it from being watered down and pointless, but promised to introduce it again. Clearly the highway lobby, TxDOT and/or the RMA had “gotten to” the other members of the City Council prior to this meeting. They even parroted TxDOT’s talking points saying “that even if they did pass a reoslution, it’s not binding on TxDOT who can toll it anyway, so what’s the point?”

The citizens of the community have told the Council, TxDOT, and the RMA LOUD & CLEAR what the point is…to tell TxDOT to BACK OFF and cancel this nightmare project that will destroy the tax base, businesses, and property values of Leon Valley! This is yet another glaring example of how there is a vast and growing chasm between the elites who run our government and the PEOPLE who pay their salaries! The citizens are fed-up and are ready for a taxpayer revolt that hasn’t been seen since the Boston Tea Party!

More information coming soon…