Candidate endorsements/Report Card for November 7!

San Antonio Toll Party Candidate Endorsements
Nov. 7 General Election
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Governor –

Carole Keeton Strayhorn

Attorney General –
David Van Os

US Congress Dist. 21 –

John Courage

Bexar Cty Com. –

Tommy Adkisson

State Rep., Dist. 125 –

Nelson Balido
State Rep., Dist. 117 –

David Leibowitz

State Rep., Dist. 118 –

Joe Farias

State Rep., Dist. 73 –

Nathan Macias


We list Good Guy or Bad Guy in clear-cut, contested races, and when the candidates had very similar positions, we assigned them a grade. The Good Guy list only records those candidates who submitted a completed questionnaire.

Good Guys/Gals:

Ag Com. – Hank Gilbert

Land Com. – Valinda Hathcox

US Senate –

Kay Bailey Hutchison – C (voted FOR highway bill, but tried to prohibit tolls on existing interstates)

Barbara Radnofsky – A

US Con. Dist. 21 – John Courage

US Con. Dist. 23 – Lukin Gilliland

St Senate Dist. 25 – Kathi Thomas

St. Senate Dist. 19 – Dick Bowen

St. Rep., Dist. 122 – Larry Stallings

St. Rep., Dist. 125 – Nelson Balido

Bad Guys:

Ag Com. – Todd Staples

RR Com. – Elizabeth Ames Jones

St. Senate, Dist. 25 – Jeff Wentworth

St. Senate, Dist. 19 – Carlos Uresti

St. Rep., Dist. 121 – Joe Straus

St. Rep., Dist. 122 – Frank Corte

St. Rep., Dist. 125 – Joaquin Castro

District Attorney – Susan Reed (done nothing about City’s illegal loan to tolling board, or their using public money to conduct a political poll)

Along with every other incumbent in the San Antonio delegation and just about every incumbent in the legislature statewide…
Didn’t respond to questionnaire:

Jerry Patterson

Lamar Smith (voted FOR highway bill, but voted to prevent tolling existing interstates)

Henry Bonilla



San Antonio Toll Party announces
candidate endorsements and
Good Guy/Bad Guy List

San Antonio, TX, October 9, 2006– Today, the grassroots, non-partisan San Antonio Toll Party announced their candidate endorsements and report card for the General Election November 7. Their endorsed candidates focus on some key races with the top of the ticket taking top priority.

Carole Keeton Strayhorn can and will put a stop to this shady shift to backroom deals and the privatization of our public infrastructure, as well as put an end to this Governor’s penchant for handing control of our public highways to foreign companies,” says a confident Terri Hall, Regional Director of San Antonio Toll“Ms. Strayhorn is the ONLY candidate with a viable non-toll transportation plan using existing right of way and existing funds ( While the Governor and his Transportation Commission continue to mislead the public in saying there’s no money for road improvements requiring a new toll tax everywhere, the State’s Chief Financial Officer and the FACTS say otherwise,” Hall emphasized.

Another key race to knock out incumbent toller Joaquin Castro is the State Representative District 125 race who is in for the fight of his political career against strong challenger Nelson Balido.“Rep. Castro has unfortunately voted FOR virtually every piece of toll legislation and has taken and continues to take money from toll road interests. He tries to play both sides and has said ‘he’s keeping an open mind about tolls’ in one setting and then adamantly tries to declare to groups opposed to tolls that he’s anti-toll. The people of District 125 are smarter than political double speak and votes for sale. We wholeheartedly believe Mr. Balido is the right choice to represent the massive opposition to tolls on Bandera Rd. in his district,” declares Hall.

In the State Attorney General’s race, the San Antonio Toll Party has enjoyed support from challenger David Van Os.“There is no doubt that Mr. Van Os is committed to stopping the Trans Texas Corridor and urban toll road debacle. He sees the total disconnect between government and those they’re charged with representing. He’s a fighter and has filed sworn affidavits vowing to fulfill his promise to stop the privatizing and tolling of our public infrastructure. Along with a new Governor, one of the most powerful allies we could ask for is the Attorney General. Mr. Van Os is featured in a documentary film ‘Truth Be Tolled’ ( where his comments at TxDOT public meetings brilliantly codify everything that’s wrong with this Governor’s transportation policies and how we the PEOPLE can stop it,” notes Hall.

Two other longtime allies the Toll Party is pleased to endorse are State Representative David Leibowitz and Commissioner Tommy Adkisson. Both are featured in the film ‘Truth Be Tolled’ ( with Rep. Leibowitz revealing some telling thoughts about the corruption in Austin, the special interest chokehold on our government, and how TxDOT is operating in the “abacus age.”“Rep. Leibowitz is the only truly ‘clean’ representative in Austin on the toll issue. He’s never voted for ANY toll legislation and we know he’ll truly represent the PEOPLES’ interests in Austin in his next term. He’s not afraid to stand up to the lobbyists who corrupt the legislative process, and he knows how we can fix our transportation problems without tolls,” recounts Hall.

“Commissioner Adkisson is no doubt a tremendous hero in this fight standing with us against powerful special interests in San Antonio. His eyes have been opened to the foolishness of privatizing our public assets and handing public control over to foreign interests. He’s still waiting for TxDOT, the RMA or someone to assure him the toll money will stay in Bexar County. They haven’t, because they can’t. TxDOT’s marching orders are clear. They plan to hand over our public roadways to private, foreign interests in order to tap a new taxpayer vein in a diabolical revenue-sharing scheme with the State (not local government) to suck billions out of the Texas economy and send it overseas,” says Hall.

In a hotly contested open seat for State Rep. District 118, the Toll Party is endorsing Joe Farias over George Antuna.“Mr. Antuna is actively taking money from toll road interests while trying to convince voters he’s anti-toll. There’s no question what Mr. Zachry wants from his contributions to Antuna, and the constituents of District 118 need to know the truth and vote accordingly. Mr. Farias will fight against this shift to tolls untainted by toll road interests,” Hall reports. Nathan Macias knocked off the Toll Party’s first toller, State Rep. Carter Casteel, in District 73 in the primaries and they will stand with Macias in the General Election.

“We look forward to sending Mr. Macias to Austin to represent the PEOPLE in this toll fight. No matter the group, the talk in District 73 is tolls. He knows the government isn’t listening to his constituents, and it’s time for true representation in Austin, “ Hall states.

In another race for U.S. Congress District 21, the Toll Party is endorsing John Courage.

“Mr. Courage has gone out of his way to help the Toll Party fight tolls, even as a candidate. We’re confident he’ll represent the PEOPLE not special interests in Washington. Since President Bush and his former and new Transportation Secretary are clearly pushing the privatizing and tolling of our public infrastructure on the national level, Texans need aid in Congress as much as at home,” enumerates Hall.