Casteel LIES about her vote to toll at candidate forum in New Braunfels

Carter Casteel is clearly on the run. Tonight at a candidate forum on her home turf, in New Braunfels, she was on defense! However, she made another HUGE mistake. She lied on the record and a radio reporter caught it on tape! She actually has the audacity to claim she didn’t vote to toll existing freeways in HB 2702 when anyone who reads the law can see she clearly did (See our Toll Glossary: scroll down to text of HB 2702 and read how the legislature granted the Transportation Commission the power to convert an existing highway into a tollway “if they determine it improves mobility in the region.”).

Next up, a Candidate Forum at GVTC in Spring Branch on MY turf!

Meet the 2006 GOP Primary Candidates for Comal County

February 15, 2006

GVTC Auditorium


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