Castro campaign paid toll booth vandal $2,000 on the DAY of the crime!

Link to Lightning article here. See earlier story of “toller” State Rep. Joaquin Castro campaign worker who destroyed mock toll booth of Nelson Balido used during a press conference where the Toll Party endorsed Balido as the genuine anti-toll candidate here.

Joaquin Castro Gave Vandalism
Suspect $2000 ON Day Of Crime

November 2, 2006

More slop on the Joaquin Castro “Vandal Scandal” has surfaced with the release of the latest campaign reports, and the shocking disclosure that the suspect in the case, Leticia Cantu, was paid $2,000 on the very day of the crime.

Cantu received the money for “Campaign Work,” according to the official report.

In the early hours of October 12th, police took a report of vandalism of an expensive display for an important endorsement of opponent Republican Nelson Balido by Texas toll road opponents, including the fast growing SA Toll Party.

The vandalism was video taped.

Castro, who initially denied that the suspect was involved in his campaign, later said such activities were “unacceptable.”

Other nasty turns have been taken, including an insidious push-polling campaign on the west side, attacking Balido, paraphrased here from several sources:

“If you knew Nelson Balido left his Mexican wife for a white woman, would that make you more likely, less likely to vote for Joaquin Castro, or no difference.”

A campaign official with the Castro organization denied “DIRECT” involvement, and Castro denied as “malicious, untrue and defamatory” the Lightning story, in what we take as a threat of legal action against this publication.

If that is Mr Castro’s intent, then we urge him to proceed. Otherwise, we will consider it more bluster, from a man in fluster.

We are attempting to get Joaquin Castro to explain exactly what Leticia Cantu’s dutys are? Gal pal? Black ops? Coffee gopher? Block walker?

The Lightning demands answers.
More to follow.