Cheney chimes in to deny NAFTA superhighways despite preponderance of evidence

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In one way, I agree with Cheney: there is no SECRET plan to construct NAFTA Superhighways (the first being the Trans Texas Corridor TTC-35). It’s being done in the WIDE OPEN for those who know where to look. However, it’s being done WITHOUT the approval of Congress and the American people and under the radar of the majority of the national press. The more they try to deny it, the more they heap coals of fire on their heads.

Now Cheney chimes in: Ain’t no superhighways
VP latest to make official denial, some call it ‘gaming semantics’
By Jerome R. Corsi
July 29, 2007
© 2007

Vice President Cheney

Despite evidence to the contrary, Vice President Dick Cheney says there is no “secret plan” to create a continent-crossing superhighway to help facilitate a merger of the United States, Mexico and Canada.

“The Administration is not engaged in a secret plan to create a ‘NAFTA super highway,'” asserts Cheney in a recent letter to a constituent, according to a copy of the message obtained by WND.

The vice president’s letter quotes an Aug. 21 statement from the U.S. Department of Transportation that, “The concept of a super highway has been around since the early 1990s, usually in the form of a claim that the U.S. Department of Transportation is going to designate such a highway.”

DOT then refutes the claim, stating, “The Department of Transportation has never had the statutory authority to designate a NAFTA super highway and has never sought such authority.”

The DOT statement then retracts the absolute nature of that statement, qualifying that, “The Department of Transportation will continue to cooperate with the State transportation departments in the I-35 corridor as they upgrade this vital interstate highway to meet 21st century needs. However, these efforts are the routine activities of a Department that cooperates with all the state transportation departments to improve the Nation’s intermodal transportation network.