Cibolo Parkway Petition

Top 5 reasons to oppose the Cibolo Toll Road proposed by a private, for-profit toll company:

  1. Forcibly takes private property from Cibolo residents (through the city or TxDOT’s use of eminent domain) and hands it to a private, for-profit toll corporation.
  2. Will NOT alleviate congestion. Toll roads do not solve congestion, they exploit congestion for profit.
  3. A private toll road gives a government-sanctioned monopoly to a single private company for decades, which means you’ll pay dearly for the privilege of using it. Don’t be fooled by the teaser toll rates floating around. The average toll road user in Houston and Dallas pays upwards of $200 a month! ON the low end of the spectrum, Paying a $.25 per mile toll is like adding $5.00 to every gallon of gas you buy. This project is not financially feasible. In fact, the PR firm, Delisi Communications headed by Deidre Delisi, former Chairwoman of the Transportation Commission that governs TxDOT, testified before the legislature in 2008 that there are no more toll viable roads left in Texas. Now she’s been hired by John Crew and Public Werks and they hope to profit off her connections. These public private partnerships always find a way to put the taxpayers on the hook for the company’s potential losses. Buyer beware! If it sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is!
  4. Private toll contracts contain non-compete clauses that penalize or prohibit the expansion of free routes that surround the private tollway for decades.
  5. Tolls would unnecessarily tax Cibolo residents to get to and from their jobs and make Cibolo a less attractive place to live, devaluing our property.


We oppose the proposed Cibolo Parkway toll road and the city’s ability to take Cibolo residents’ private property through forcible eminent domain in order to hand it to a private, for-profit toll road company, Texas Turnpike Corporation/Public Werks, Inc., that’s never even built a single road. We urge the Cibolo City Council and other public officials involved to reject this toll road and instead prioritize existing tax dollars to expand existing FM 1103 and other existing roads to help alleviate safety and traffic problems plaguing our community.

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