Citizen proposes secret cameras to monitor politicians in response to TxDOT hidden cameras

Dear Ms. Hall:

I’d like to submit an idea for you and your group to explore and possibly lobby for as new state legislation, seeing Texas State Government officials have no objections to secretly monitoring citizens via cameras everywhere we travel on public roads.

According to TXDOT, and other agencies, these secret monitoring efforts are always for “public safety” or for “monitoring regional mobility” concerns.

Here is my suggestion. We as citizens in return, are also concerned for the safety of our government employees and in addition we are also concerned that tax revenue is spent wisely.

Therefore, in the interest of our concern for the safety and security of our elected officials and ALL state government employees, why not propose and lobby for a measure to require real time live streaming camera surveillance (to be posted 24/7 on the Web) of any and all elected state officials and their employees while those individuals are in their offices, inside a publicly owned government facility conducting their duties, or while traveling in any State owned method of transportation?

(Of course audio monitoring should be included in the measure)

It would certainly help constituents to rest easy each night knowing their public officials and employees are safe while in public facilities. They would be virtually free from any attempt to be bribed while they are in the public building or vehicle.

It would would additionally provide physical security, since criminals would be less likely to attempt harm to any state employee or elected official due to it being public knowledge digitized record of any crime would assist in identifying them for conviction of any crime.

All State automobiles could be equipped with cameras monitoring the INSIDE of the vehicle, and perhaps RFID chips could also be of assistance in some similar fashion to monitor the vehicle’s travel.

Just a thought, since Governor Perry’s administration sees no problem at all with TXDOT secretly recording the images of Texas motorists, in their ongoing efforts to unselfishly serve and protect the people of the State of Texas.

Dripping Springs, Texas