City Council to ILLEGALLY APPOINT EX-councilman to MPO Board!

The City Council is scheduled to take-up appointing an “alternate” EX-city councilmember to replace ELECTED city councilmembers on the MPO Transportation Policy Board. Richard Perez staged a coup at the last MPO meeting to allow this brazen violation to appear as though it’s legitimately part of MPO policies. This item appears on the city council agenda as if appointing an UN-elected “alternate” is “in accordance with MPO policies.” That policy is a farce and it was done by Perez’ at his last meeting as Chair. He presided over the vote (rather than recuse himself) that will essentially allow him to be re-appointed to this vital board even though HE WILL NO LONGER BE IN OFFICE! It will be challenged in court because IT’S ILLEGAL! The federal law that sets up the MPO only allows for local ELECTED officials to sit on the MPO Board.

It’s widely known that Perez was the impetus behind a request sent in a May 18 letter) to MPO Board members from Mayor Phil Hardberger that asked the MPO to circumvent federal law by appointing “alternate board members” who can stand in for “missing” councilmembers. Only elected officials and representatives that administer or operate major modes of transportation (like TxDOT/Via) may serve on the Board (see 23 U.S.C.A. § 134, Title 23. Highways Chapter 1. Federal-Aid Highways

§ 134. Metropolitan transportation planning).

This prevents the NEWLY ELECTED COUNCILMEMBERS from deciding KEY future transportation policies and whether or not they think it’s appropriate to have an UN-elected alternate with FULL VOTING POWERS to sit in on these meetings.

Under item #65 –

Boards, Commissions and Committee Appointments

65. Consideration of board, commission and committee appointments: [Leticia M. Vacek, City Clerk]

M. An Ordinance appointing members of the City Council to the Metropolitan Planning Organization Transportation Policy Board and approving the appointment of an alternate for one member in accordance with the Policies of the MPO.



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  1. Esteban Erik Stipnieks

    Ok I realize some people may not have gotten the Viva Max comment. Type the movie “Viva Max” Into a search engine. Essantially a Mexican general decides to retake the Alamo and as he explores San Antonio he comes to the conlusion that it has already been retaken.

    I listened to a city planner talk about the bond issue. He was a professor over UTSA and was direct the idea that San Antonio can essantially out grow the problems it has with infrastructure are flawed. The political culture of a narrow band of ruling elites has remained unchanged since the cities founding.

    We know the loan to RMA was illegal. Yet our illustrious DA needs political contributions from local contractors hence the

    Viva Mordita comment.

    I realize I spoke in my dyspraxic code so I had to write this decoding event to allow y’all to catch the humor.

  2. Linda Dorrance

    7 generations ago My greatgrandfather died in the ALAMO :looks like it was for nothing. WE were the GREATEST Nation in the world ;now we are for sale to the highest bidder. Do we really want to be like Mexico with no middle class
    WHO WILL PAY THE BILLS??? Who will buy the goods??

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