City of Leon Valley joins City of Helotes in resolution against tollway on Bandera Rd.!

Tonight, the City of Leon Valley unanimously passed a strong resolution against an elevated tollway on Bandera Rd. Third time’s a charm since this resolution has twice come before the City Council prior to tonight’s meeting. The Council has previously balked at passing a strongly worded resolution. Word has it that many of the councilmembers were awaiting the RMA’s July 27 public meeting to see what residents thought of the toll project before voting one way or the other. With 100% of the citizen comments opposed (with the exception of Vic Boyer of SAMCo, an organization of highway interests, who is paid to support tolls), the Council got the hint and now unequivocally opposes the proposed elevated tollway over Bandera Rd.

Last Thursday evening, the City of Helotes passed a similar resolution, also unanimous, against the elevated tollway on Bandera Rd. If the RMA truly professes to be local control, responding to local input, then they should pull the toll project for Bandera Rd in response to both Helotes’ and Leon Valley’s unanimous opposition!