Contact your reps to make sure they STAND STRONG to override veto!

Governor Perry has accepted the bill so the 10 days to veto, sign it or have it become law without his signature starts today! The deadline for action is now pushed to May 18 thanks to the Governor’s chicanery.


The arm twisting and back room deals have begun by the Governor and his cronies like Rep. Mike Krusee, and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) even though Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison has told the FHWA in a letter they’re a federal agency crossing over into lobbying activities and interfering with STATE legislation. Don’t let your reps tell you there’s problems with HB 1892 and that there are potential legal conflicts with federal law regarding TxDOT oversight. The authors of the bill made certain to address these issues in the final version of the bill, that’s why the Senate recalled the bill last Monday. It’s smoke and mirrors and more game-playing by the Governor to peel off votes and used by any reps tempted to cave or broker deals.


CALL YOUR SENATOR AND REPRESENTATIVE RIGHT NOW and ask them respectfully but firmly to:

“Stand strong in support of HB 1892. We know the Governor is trying to make deals using other bills. We know what’s in HB 1892, and we WANT the taxpayer protections in it. NO COMPROMISES, no other bills this late in the session! You voted for HB 1892 once, we expect you to vote to override as well.”

Find out who your reps are here.

You may contact each representative by calling the Capitol switchboard: (512) 463-4630 and/or via email below:

San Antonio Area Senators:
Sen. Leticia Van de Putte,
Sen. Jeff Wentworth,
Sen. Carlos Uresti,
Sen. Judith Zaffirini,

San Antonio State Representatives:

Rep. Joe Farias,
Rep. David Leibowitz,
Rep. Nathan Macias,
Rep. Joe Straus,
Rep. Joaquin Castro,
Rep. Trey Martinez-Fischer –
Rep. Frank Corte –
Rep. Ruth McClendon-Jones –
Rep. Jose Menendez –
Rep. Robert Puente –
Rep. Mike Villarreal –
Rep. Edmund Kuempel –