"Don't Tag Texas" Rally HUGE success…more than 2,000 turn out

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On a beautiful sunny Friday in our State’s Capitol and on Texas Independence Day to boot, thousands of ordinary citizens from all over Texas gathered to send a clear message…”Don’t Tag Texas!” From Collin County up north down to Wilson County and everywhere in between, ranchers, farmers, and city dwellers marched on Congress Avenue to the south Capitol steps. When those at the front arrived at the Capitol, there were still crowds of protesters turning the corner at First Street onto Congress Avenue (roughly 10 blocks down). The sea of “Stop the TTC,” “Don’t Mess With Texas Freeways,” “Perry is selling us out,” and a host of other signs aimed at Governor 39% were wall to wall with folks chanting, “Don’t Tag Texas!”

The rally kicked off with Representative Garnet Coleman (see video here) speaking about HB 998, his toll moratorium bill, and the genesis of it that started last session in 2005. He thanked the grassroots for their efforts which give his bill a better chance of passing due to the massive growth of our movement since 2005.

Then Rep. Lois Kolkhorst shared her bill HB 1881 with the crowd which will KILL the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC). She shared a bit of Texas history and thanked the people for the strength of their support which will help her bills get passed and free Texans from this boondoggle. She said this is about the next generation as she pointed to her daughter playing behind her on the Capitol steps. She’s absolutely right. My six children were with me at the Capitol as well; it’s a sobering thought to think they’ll still be paying tolls to a foreign company if this thing gets built and these contracts get signed all over Texas. It’s what keeps me in this fight!

Penny Langford-Freeman from Congressman Ron Paul’s office inspired everyone to stay in this fight to keep Texas FREE and independent, referring to the NAFTA connection and the formation of the North American Union, stating Congressman Paul is squarely and firmly on our side fighting for us in Washington (which got the crowd chanting, “Ron Paul for President!”).

We also heard from Rep. Nathan Macias, MY NEW STATE REP who took the place of “Toller” Carter Casteel who REFUSED to listen to her constituents on tolls, whom I had the privilege of introducing. He sits on Rep. Mike Krusee’s House Transportation Committee where Krusee is bottling up ANY bills that would help our cause. That’s why Kolkhorst and others are bypassing Krusee’s Committee and getting our legislation through other committees. Nonetheless, we have many allies on the House Transportation Committee, Macias (a native San Antonian) being the champion of our cause for the San Antonio region!

We also enjoyed a blues style song written about this issue by Jimmie Vaughan who referred to tolls and the TTC as “shackles” and the tagging of Texas as “Big Brother.” How true! Among the other speakers who stirred up the crowd and led them in a variety of chants like “No TTC,” “Impeach Perry,” and “Don’t Tag Texas,” were Eagle Forum’s Gina Parker, David and Linda Stall, Founders of Corridor Watch.org, and yours truly. Special thanks to Hank Gilbert for organizing the rally and being a terrific emcee.

The rally concluded just after 5 PM with a good crowd having stayed the full 3 hours! We had statewide news coverage (Dallas Morning Newx, Austin American Statesman, San Antonio Express-News, and TV coverage in every major market an smaller ones like Waco, as well as prolific coverage on radio in all the markets even down to Corpus Cristi!), and the BIGGEST news of all was the interview David Stall landed with Lou Dobbs of CNN! So we made national news which was one of our chief goals for the rally! This IS a NATIONAL issue, not just a Texas issue and anyone who spends any length of time on our web site can read about it. This shift to privatizing our public infrastructure and the construction of NAFTA superhighways throughout the United States is now well-documented, and it’s high time Americans get informed. With the help of other national press figures, coverage of this issue will only get more frequent. The BIG money and geopolitical forces behind this shift to tolling and privatization can no longer operate under the radar screen thanks to all of your hard work, folks!

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  1. Cindy Cross

    Thank you, and all your followers, for the effort you put into this cause. Without your courage and determination, we would be falling prey to the corruption. I will continue to keep you and all those who fight for our freedom from terror and corruption in my thoughts and prayers; for it is the least that I can do.
    Kindest Regards,
    Cindy Cross
    City of Bulverde Councilwoman

  2. Jimmy Lamberth

    Before this rally, many of us either didn’t even know what NAIS stood for or maybe some of us had heard a little something about livestock identification. As we heard a little more “talk” about it most of us thought it was so if the meat from an animal caused a problem it could be traced back to who raised it.
    I thought I was taking my John Deere tractor and hay trailer to Austin for a parade to “protest TTC”.
    When these signs began to appear against NAIS I wasn’t about to show my ignorance by asking, ” What office is NAIS running for?” Sometimes if you will just stand around and listen for a little while and keep your mouth shut you can learn something.
    Boy, did I come home more educated than when I hauled my tractro to Austin.
    I don’t want my cow “tagged”, nor my wife’s cat and for sure not my wife.
    Now, if our politicians can just get as educated as I did maybe we can stop this “crime against us TEXANS.
    We must get HB 46 and HB 637 passed. Call and write those in Austin who are “RESPONSIBLE TO YOU”.
    Jim Lamberth, the tractor driver with the bull whip.

  3. Sandra Tokarski

    Bravo to the fine citizens of Texas! We are fighting the same battles here in Indiana. Your success helps all the country. Hopefully it will help to wake and inform “the Sleeping Giant”.

    The elected officials who are selling us out to the Corporate Road Gang must be voted out of office.

    Thank you for your dedication and hard work.

    Sandra Tokarski
    Stanford, Indiana

  4. Ron Rankin

    I am excited to hear that there were thousands in Austin last week to protest Toll Roads, TTC, etc. I hope State, Local and even Federal Politicians got the message that the people will not allow these things to stand without a fight and without a political price to be paid in the next several elections. In case there is any doubt in their minds, let me assure you that the numbers represented in Austin last week are a mere drop in the bucket. For every one that was there, there are hundreds of us who could not attend but were there in spirit and solidarity. My sincere thanks to everyone who went to Austin to protest on my behalf. My family and I stand with you all. God Bless you all and keep up the good fight !!!

  5. Joan Ream

    I was at the Capitol for the entire day at the hearing for the TTC on Thursday. And I marched the complete lenght of the parade on Friday which culminated at the Capitol steps for the inspiring speeches that followed. The momentum must continue. As a suggestion, I would recommend that Texans be asked to mail a small plastic bag with a SCOOP of Texas SOIL — with the name of the county it came from on the outside of the bag—to their legislators (on all levels) AND local and national media. This would replace having to write time-consuming letters (which seldom are read) and could easily become a national phenomenon. If TEA did it before, Texas SOIL could do it now!!!

    From: Mrs. Joan Ream, 11 Pintail Point, Heath (Rockwall County), TX. 75032 March/5/07

  6. Marie Kampbell

    I was one of the 2,000 plus who traveled to Austin for the March. It was an inspiring day. We have strong advacates against the TTC but sometimes you wonder if anyone else is listening, well I saw & heard enough to give me hope and encouragement to continue the fight.
    I’d like to say “THANK YOU” to all the people who have put in countless hours and untold $$ into this fight for Texas.

  7. David Ramos

    I’m truly amazed at what can be accomplished when the “grass-roots” decides they have had enough of “big government”. I know it has taken a lot of effort to finally get the politicians to listen (it has taken a lot of effort to finally get Dewhurst and others to publicly admit the reckless path that TXDOT has taken).

    Let’s keep up the good fight until we finally get our State Representatives to finally “rein in” TXDOT !!!

    Dave R.

  8. cecilia lister

    I’m very glad that I’m getting to be part of a group that is willing to fight for what
    we feel is wrong. The toll road is an idea that is wrong. I see it growing like some kind
    of poisonous vine and it needs to be stopped. I just hope enough people realize that even
    if it doesn’t “touch” them it will eventually and then it will be too late for them to have
    a say. Therefore, please talk about it at any chance you have-to anyone who will listen.
    I just hope the people that already have them can still do something. I was in
    Dallas this week and I saw people being cramed instead of using the toll roads there.
    One thing I noticed that seemed “wrong” was that the toll roads were on old,already
    used and paid for roads. How is that possible? It just didn’t make sense to me that someone
    actually “took” roads away from the public and are making them pay for the use of
    the road that I thought was already paid for. Teri please explain that to me.

    Cecilia Lister

  9. Joel Young

    There was no mention of this demonstration against the TransTexas Tollway in either the Fort Worth Star Telegram or in any televised newscast. But was this any surprise to anyone???

  10. Edith Zaiontz

    I’m so sorry I couldn’t make the rally. I have driven Hwy 281 all my life, and between TXDOT and the Building industry, all that was joyful in the Sunday drive is gone. Thinking of having to pay a toll for a road that I have driven all my life makes my skin crawl. We are losing our rights as citizens of the State of Texas. We are being asked to pay for things that we are already paying for, or havae paid for. Legislators are supposed to be elected for our voice, not those of lobbyists and big business, or corrupt government agencies. However, time and again we see that money seems to create monsters out of these people. Paid lobbyists have no place in Texas government, and that is one of the main things that should be outlawed in order to get the taxpayer heard above the other rhetoric. Thanks for giving me hope, and keep up the fight.

  11. Mike Sisley

    It warms my heart to know there are a few of us Texans living today that know we live in a Republic. Republics are run according to law. Democracies are the majority. As a Republic, we realize that our rights come from the creator, not the government. We exercised our rights to assemble, to speak, to be heard. Never believe for an instant that the government gives us rights. Bring these topics up in your daily conversations around town and at work. Educate your fellow citizenry. Encourage them to learn, to get involved. The fight has just begun. Washington is aware that we are not asleep and soon the powers there will be down here spreading disinformation as well as organizing and attempting to push the TTC through at the national level via their Pan-American Union strategy. Be encouraged, but remember, we must keep fighting.

    Mike Sisley
    Schertz, Texas

  12. Ricke Weinkauf

    Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard for all of us. I am writing EVERY representative in the state to reinforce this stand against undemocratic – Anti-Texas behavior.

    Ricke Weinkauf

  13. Laura Hammons

    Hello my fellow Texans! I am so proud to be a part of the movement that is sweeping across Texas! I was a part of the protest March this last weekend and was certainly inspired by all of you. I thought I would take this time to share a letter from the Office of the Governor my family received this weekend. More importantly, I would like to note, that my family has lived in our home since 1960 and this was the first time any information came into our mailbox regarding the TTC. If it weren’t for Corridor Watch we would have still been in the dark about the plans that affect our east TEXAS neighbors and the NAIS.

    Dear Ms. Hammons:
    Tired of the growing congestion, Texans overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment in 2001 to accelerate the construction of toll roads to complement our tax system. By law, only new lanes miles can be tolled. Toll free road can not be converted to to toll road without a public election. No Texan will be forced to pay a toll, and our toll free roads will continue to be maintained and expanded for all to use.

    The Trans Texas Corridor is necessary to relieve congestion on Interstate 35 from the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex to San Antonio. Ieth almost half of our rapidly growing population living along interstate 35, something must be done immediately to facilitate the rapid evacuation of our cities, avoid more congestion, and prevent worsening air quality, deaths on outdates highway, and loss of economic development. The Trans Texas Corridor is the only viable solution. I encourage you to obtain further information on the corridor at http://www.keeptexasmoving.com.

    Please let us know whenever we may be of service in the future.

    Dede Keith
    Adminisration and Constituent Services
    Office of The Governor

    my reply, I called and left a message:

    Mrs. Keith,
    My family has lived in our home since 1960 and this is the first time we have been contacted on the TTC. I am saddened because this has been going on for a long time and if it weren’t for Corridor Watch we would have NOT been informed of the TTC and NAIS. I am dissapointed that no one has sent a letter to our home a long time ago. I will gladly sit in traffic; especially if it means that farmers land will NOT be taken away and animals will NOT be microchipped! I can’t understand why my government will not inform us of what is going on in my State of Texas. I do not condone Rick Perry in trying to disguising these plans as something that is better for my state. I do not condone taking away people’s land without US ever knowing what the TTC really means. I do not support the TTC. I believe there are other alternatives than taxing us low-income residents, taking away land that doesn’t belong to you, and chipping animals all in the name of national security.

    Laura Hammons

    Everything always boils down to oil and terrorism.
    Now the government has the perfect excuse for everything.
    This is sick and twisted.
    I bought the domain today http://www.keeptexasmoving.com and will re-direct the site to corridor watch.com–in case someone messes up..
    Have a great Spring!

  14. Maesa

    Thank you to all who are working to stop Trans Texas Corridor and animal tagging or NAIS from happening. Thank you to all who wrote to the public hearing participants and to all who traveled to Austin to be in the parade and rally. And thank you to the media, who give coverage to our cause…the prevention of TTC and NAIS. Thank you to the representatives and Senators who have put forth bills against the proposed tyranny and to those who will pass the bills. Thanks, CorridorWatch for keeping us informed.
    Like many, I could not be at the parade and rally or the public hearing, but my heart was sure there. We sent letters to the public hearing that took place on March 1.
    So many voiced their concerns that comments from the public were still being accepted for a week?!! We are AWESOME TEXANS! And our representatives are starting to hear our cry.
    We must keep up the fight against Big Government and land-grabbing projects.

  15. Joy - Gold

    I am so excited after gettting this email/ report. It came after the protest ,but believe
    me, I am ecstatic! I have whined to everyone that would allow me to, even cried,
    complained to anyone that would listen and checked into any info concerning the TTC
    so I could email it to others that I felt were not informed. Thanks to all of you who
    are making a difference……..Keep me informed…..GOD BLESS TEXAS AND THOSE

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