El Paso MPO RESCINDS their vote in support of toll roads!

Link to article in El Paso Times here.

Wouldn’t this be bliss to read this in the Express-News:
“The MPO also voted to rescind a previous decision to support a regional system of toll lanes.”

Well, it’s a reality in El Paso tonight! Their MPO has had it with TxDOT and ripped the toll plans right out of their regional transportation planning! How ’bout it? Think there’s anyone at our MPO willing to actually represent the electorate? Not if Councilman Richard Perez, Councilman Art Hall, and TxDOT’s David Casteel and Clay Smith have any say in the matter. These pro-tollers are holding us hostage and failing us in the Democratic process. Commissioners Adkisson and Larson and our friends at Via need more votes to make this a reality in San Antonio. We’re the ONLY MPO in the State where POLITICAL APPOINTEES outweigh ELECTED OFFICIALS on the MPO. This needs to change. In fact, the MPO web site has failed to “load” for over 3 months and there is no way for the public to know who is even on the Board! Do you honestly think any of this is an accident?

MPO tables decision on transportation authority
By Gustavo Reveles-Acosta
El Paso Times
July 28, 2006

The El Paso Metropolitan Planning Organization, or MPO, postponed any action
regarding the creation of a regional mobility authority that could plan,
fund and build future transportation projects in the area.

The MPO, which is made up of elected officials and transportation experts,
narrowly voted to table an agenda item that called for the opposition to the
creation of the regional mobility authority, or RMA.

The postponement came after members discussed working on a letter from the
Texas Transportation Commission outlining the role of the MPO when it comes
to construction projects planned and approved by an RMA.

While state Rep. Joe Pickett, D-El Paso, believes the letter states that any
project approved by an RMA would also need the approval of the MPO, others
said the commission only would require that an RMA project also be on the
project list already approved by the MPO.

The MPO board voted table the issue and seek legal advice before voting
again on it in about 30 days.

The MPO also voted to rescind a previous decision to support a regional system of toll lanes and the designation of the southern relief route – the connection of the Cesar Chavez Border Highway to Loop 375 on the West Side as a priority.
The board asked the Texas Department of Transportation to come back in 120 days with a plan that also might include other priority projects like the northeast parkway that would connect the north part of Loop 375 to Interstate 10 near Anthony.

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  1. Ray W. Ware

    Last night I heard as melifluous “public service” ad on radio smoothly urging us to proceed with…[here insert a lot of euphemistic words boiling down to TOLLING]. The ad pointed out the “advantages”: Reduction of trafic congestion, etc., More rapid solution of our annoying traffic problems, with NO INCREASE IN TAXES! Clearly, we urgently need a COMPLETE AUDIT of TXDOT’s BOOKS by an unbiased, disinterested organization or institution BEFORE the next election!!! rww

  2. Esteban Erik Stipnieks

    Wait that would show that TxDOT is over funded and is busy missappropriating large amounts of our tax dollars and has paid many contractors twice. It would also show how grossly overpaid top staffers are.

    If all this were shown it would clearly show that Rick Perry is just a sharp dressed man or as Brad Messer refers to him as Gov blow dry. It would also show that we do not need toll roads.

    Hence don’t hold your breath.

  3. Wayne Corey

    They said the toll roads will result in a reduction in traffic. Take a look at Chicago traffic. The highways with the most back ups is the toll roads. People have to wait in very long lines to pay the tolls. This pass week my wait was over two hours. Toll booths create traffic back ups. If they have the money to build toll roads then they have the money to maintain the roads we already have.

  4. Jim Gildart

    Amen, Bro. Stipnieks! This is a prime example of “The Good ‘Ol Boy” system at it’s finest. TxDOT doesn’t appear to be using it’s creative engineering talents to our benefit as they have done so well in the past. We have a wonderful highway system in Texas and in no way need to emulate California. A prime example of working within the tax dollars provided is the expansion of Reasearch Blvd. in NW Austin. Let’s see if we can bring TxDOT back down to earth!

  5. Harvey Hild

    If our legislators in Austin would put back the $8.5 billion that they dipped into the road fund for then there would be plenty money to beef up existing roadways to handle the increase in traffic expected in our future.

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