Florida legislature passes bill to open up private toll pandora's box

Link to the Florida bill that takes effect July 1, 2007 here.

The text states:

GENERAL BILL by Economic Expansion & Infrastructure Council and Cannon and Aubuchon (CO-SPONSORS) Ambler; Glorioso
Transportation: Revises provisions for agreements by DOT with private entities; authorizes DOT to advance certain projects in Strategic Intermodal System Plan using funds provided by public-private partnerships or private entities; authorizes department to lease toll facilities to private entities; provides that procurements of public-private partnerships are not subject to specified provisions unless they are part of procurement agreement or public-private agreement; provides for disposition of excess toll revenues; removes provision for speed of certain fixed-guideway transportation system; provides for toll rate increases that are tied to certain inflation indicators; provides for increases beyond inflation amounts. Effective Date: July 1, 2007.

Get set for a Florida Toll Party!