Florida sends bill to allow private leases of existing toll roads to Governor

Link to article here.
Florida will soon be one of the 21 states that have passed legislation allowing these public-private partnership toll road contracts (contracts that allow government to lease our PUBLIC highways to PRIVATE companies, most of them foreign) where the government either gets a huge upfront payment in return for the company getting to collect toll revenues for 50+ years, or the State and the private partner engage in some sort of profit sharing scheme where they split the toll revenues.

Either way it’s a BIG tax increase on driving. We’re already crumbling under $3 a gallon for gas, this unsustainable shift to tolls (1-3 cents a mile in gas tax versus 44 cents to $1.50 a mile in tolls) will likely cause a major economic collapse. There’s only so much money in the household budget that can go to transportation before other areas erode like entertainment, eating out, vacations, and eventually necessities…what are we supposed to do? Choose between eating and getting to work?