FRAUD: Highway firm, PBS&J, settles overbilling case with TxDOT and Florida DOT

PBS&J settle with TxDOT and Florida DOT
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PBS&J have settled overbilling disputes with TxDOT and Florida DOT which affected much tollroad work. PBS&J, one of the largest engineering firms in the US was formally blacklisted by TxDOT May 24 and had ceased seeking new work at FDOT in April under warnings of a blacklisting.PBS&J told TxDOT, FDOT and other clients March 2005 that they had discovered about five years of overbilling committed by their chief financial officer and two other conspirators which defrauded clients and PBS&J itself to the tune of some $36m. The three were fired and the law called in. They have pled guilty to charges of fraud.

PBS&J pledged to unravel the fraud in detail and recompense clients.

Apparently by the spring of this year TxDOT and FDOT got annoyed at the time this was taking – leading to the now-lifted bans.

Todd Kenner president of PBS&J is quoted in a press statement today as saying: “We are pleased to have reached an amicable agreement with the Texas and Florida departments of transportation, and we are currently working with our other impacted clients to reach resolution of this issue… We are looking forward to putting this difficult period behind us and getting back to… delivering top-quality consulting services to our clients.” TOLLROADSnews 2006-07-11