The Governor came to SA to talk about education yesterday, but he ended up having to face to questions about his toll mandate. It’s the elephant in the room he refuses to talk about, so we thought we’d use this occasion to shine the light on the issue. Even though the print media was deafeningly silent on our run-in with the Governor yesterday, he heard our message loud & clear! His motorcade tried to avoid us and take a back way, but we ran around the front side of the school and found him stuck at a stoplight and started our chant, “Perry’s tolls have got to go!” with our terrific signs waving. His driver couldn’t get him out of here fast enough. We had good coverage on radio and from KENS 5-tv as well as some of the Spanish stations who picked up our story, too, (thanks to Henry) especially with LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) coming on board. We’ll try to get photos posted on our blog ASAP.

Governor Perry needs to wake-up and smell the grassroots (to coin the phrase from our friend Byron Juen) or he’ll continue to be greeted with opposition everywhere he goes.