Governor Gives Our Supporters the "Finger" at Campaign Stop in S.A.!

At our picket of the Governor’s stop today, he clearly gave our supporters an obscene gesture commonly known as the “finger!” I was on radio this afternoon with Christian conservative talk radio host Adam McManus, KSLR AM 630. He was so appalled at this incident and couldn’t believe that a sitting Governor who claims to be a conservative would stoop to such a thing toward people with an opposing view, that he called up our witnesses, Byron and Dave, to have them personally testify ON THE AIR that they saw him do it! He’s demanding the Governor apologize. We’ll see what comes of it.

I must agree, it’s shocking for the leader of the Great State of Texas to resort to such school yard tactics when confronted with law-abiding citizens demonstrating their opposition to one of his prominent, life-altering policies to toll existing highways. After all, this is a no-tax pledge Governor who has effectively instituted the largest tax increase in Texas history, according to County Commissioner Lyle Larson, through lifetime toll taxes on FREEways we’ve already been taxed to build. He’s been flooded with thousands of emails asking him to put a stop to this and he continues to ignore the issue.

Unfortunately, this reveals the character of the man seeking re-election on a platform that seems solely based on wanting a legacy of being the “Governor who served the longest term in Texas history” rather than the Governor who served Texans well, with fiscal accountability and lowering the tax burden as he promised. Tell the Governor how you feel about his rude behavior to law-abiding citizens with a differing point of view. Write AND call the Governor: (800) 252-9600 ( and through web mail). Ask for an apology and more importantly, ask him to put have his Transportation Commission put a stop to this!

Here’s a story about it in the Express-News.