Greater Chamber establishes pro-toll PAC and plans to dump serious cash into PR campaign

If you have any further questions remaining about who’s behind tolling half of San Antonio with more promised to come, look no further than the info on Express-News reporter Pat Driscoll’s blog. Read it here. I had the same newsletter forwarded to me. Our mission is to shine the light on this overt corruption of the public good and to reveal the TRUTH behind these toll plans. In contrast, proponents are set to begin a PROPAGANDA campaign to hookwink unsuspecting residents into lining the pockets of corporations who are no longer satisfied with bidding to build our highways, now they want “lease” agreements with 50-99 year sweetheart deals kept SECRET from the public (who’s paying for them) effectively granting ONE business a monopoly over public infrastructure that belongs to TEXANS!

It’s insidious; it’s ugly; it’s morally and ethically wrong; it should be illegal, and the other side will do whatever it takes to get your money! A taxpayer revolt is in order! Wake your friends and neighbors, alert them to the coming tidalwave and tell them to get armed with a ballot and throw the thieves who voted to toll your existing freeways OUT OF OFFICE March 7 and November 7!