Victory #4 – HB 1892 passes out of Senate with 27 senators on board!

A HUGE thank you to the grassroots! US 281 is expressly included in the moratorium language, which effectively puts the cabosh on the 281/1604 CDA presently in negotiations. If the House concurs early next week (which we anticipate they will)…it’ll be on the Governor’s desk in time for the Legislature to override his veto! The people have spoken, and for once, our representatives are listening!

A big thank you to Senators Williams, Carona, Nichols, Hegar, and Patrick for fighting for this bill, and for the entire Senate for suspending the rules to get this bill moving back over to the House immediately!

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  1. Jeannie Williams

    You did good, real good! Thanks for your hard work to push back the political pirates.


  2. Marion Thompson

    Thank you so much for doing what so many of us want to do but for one reason or another are not doing. Marion Thompson 683-7924
    P.S. Victory is sweetest when the fight is the hardest.

  3. Gary Conner

    Possibly our “Representatives” are beginning to realize that we are not going to sit around while Rick Perry et al, simply issue letters of marque to Privateers without our assembling for a redress.

    Way to go “People”. Patrick, Edmund, and James would be real, real proud of you guys.

  4. Harvey Beierle

    I want to thank you good people who are doing your part to stop the toll road scam. As a retiree of TxDOT of 13 years I have been most disappointed of the attitude of TxDOT since I retired. I witnessed the development of the first scam, now called TransGuide, before I retired. The toll road issue is just a continuation of this scam. As I have stated before, TransGuide has consumed more than enough funds to have built the entire East West Wurzbach Parkway, the missing interchange at US 281 at Lp 1604, the missing bridges on US 281 at Encino Pwy, Stone Oak Pwy, Evans Rd, Marshall Rd, Bulverde Rd, Borgfeld Rd, etc, etc, etc. And all TransGuide is is motorist distraction, causing high speed, major rear end collisions. For a meaningless message such as “LESS THAN 5 MINUTES TO BODUNK ST. Many road users tax dollars have beem added since that the State won”t account for.

    I was there, I saw the scam developing, but in my position there was nothing I could do. I hope some of you out there will do something.

    Harvey Beierle
    15276 Toepperwein Rd
    San Antonio, Tx 78233

  5. Leslie

    Wonderful to see texans are waking up, as to what is hapening before our eyes. Now lets take a long look at the federal government.

  6. Martha Eppler

    Thanks,, Turf, House of Representatives, Senate and fellow Texans for a job well done. Now maybe I will be able to keep my property.

  7. David Galvan

    Well, I am well pleased that the people still have a voice,but from where I sit in Helotes, I say keep your powder dry. The folks that would buy and sell us aren’t going away by any stretch of any imagination, we will have to make ourselves heard on this issue again, and there are many others…its up to the people to claim their future, or the future decided “for”us may not be the one we find acceptable. Thank Goodness for people who care! David Galvan

  8. Bob Perkins

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU TERRI HALL!! It would never have happened if we didn’t have a fine volunteer and leader. Your definately an inspiration.

    But we can’t let up, we need to stay after them and make sure they (Congress) stays straight.

    Thanks again Terri!

  9. Weldon Kiser

    Thanks soooooo very much for all your efforts Terri Hall!!!  Please run for Wentwoths Senate seat!! Thanks Terri!!!!

  10. Robert G. Collins Sr.

    Thank you all for all the long and tiring hours being spent on this issue. Without ones like ya’ll we would be in big trouble. Thanks again, Glen

  11. Ray Steen

    Thank you Terri! You have my Amen for any office you run for, and we need you. How great you ARE!

  12. Judy Keck

    I am so encouraged by our responsive TX House and TX Senate Members for Standing Up for the Rights of the Citizens of this great state…This is how a Representative Democracy is supposed to funtion. “THANK YOU” Terri Hall…..and the Others who helped make it happen. Keep up the Fight…

  13. Neal McKinney

    Thank you Terri for your outstanding leadership. You recognized the problem, formulated a battle plan to combat the corrupt individuals in the Governor’s office, the Senate, and the House, and then you built up the forces required to achieve victory–you kept those forces motivated and informed and you showed them the way–that’s effective leadership by any definition. I want to add my thanks to those who already have stated what a great job you’ve done for us. We look forward to remaining on your team as we move forward on this issue. As the others have stated, you should consider a run for political office since you care about the Texas people–we need people like you who do not want to go to Austin to simply line their pockets with under the table payoffs from corrupt firms like Zachry and Cintra. You have my support and again thanks…………Colonel Neal McKinney, USAF (Retired)

  14. Edward & Elsa Hauschild

    Thank goodness that we have lived to see the day when electronic communication could serve to bring so many good people together.

    Whatever we believe in to help us through our personal difficulties is one thing; but getting fast responses from the voting public is no easy task.

    Your tenacity and convictions regarding the political criminals we face today has been the driving force in securing public support. Our sentiment echos that of Col. McKinney.

    Regretfully, we are entering an era in which the public must actively participate with passion, reason and the best of modern tools: the vote.

    We are harboring criminals in every area of our government, local, state and federal, simply because we have been complacent.

    The time has come to get beyond the feel-good rhetoric and propose ideas and methods by which to resolve some of our needs. We cannot let the politicians just do everything as we have in the past. We must be the mentors and facilitators to our government, using the same resources as are at the governments’ disposal to ensure sound business is conducted.

    We must show the politicians that “we, the people” are not just here to be dictated to; rather, that they are at the service of the public, to ensure real needs are met, in sound and economic ways.

    We have nobody but ourselves to blame for the rogues and their egos. We must help the patriotic politician that isn’t in the job just to fleece the public.

    We’ve never had a better opportunity to make improvements and demonstrate what the real government “of the people, for the people” can do.

    Edward A. Hauschild
    Supervisory Pilot, USDA (Ret)

  15. Jimmy Lamberth

    Well, there were times when it seemed like a “long fight with a short stick”, but we kept fighting. We were decieved, lied to, misled, had our hopes built up and then dashed on the rock hard head of “spineless politicians” but we “stayed the course”. Yes, Terri Hall, you were an inspiration. Linda and David Stall kept us informed and along with Terri Hall and others, gave us the information and “aids” we needed to “fight the good fight”. As I mention the “decievers” I MUST also mention the good honest elected officials we have in Austin who helped and inspired us to “fight on”. FORUNATELY, there are over 2/3rds of them which is encouraging. By identifying three very important names above, I don’t mean to minimize the efforts of everyone who “fought so hard for this”, including Miz Beth. We have had good leadership, but the “footsoldiers and those who work in supply” are reguired to win wars.
    I will thank my “toll party e-mail list” here and also when I e-mail them this GOOD NEWS. I have no way of knowing which of them “took part” and who “stayed on board” juskeep informed. They are all important to this effort. We must “stay the course” and see that our efforts have not been done in vain.
    It will be so good to wake up in the morning and not need to start calling Senators and Representatives to explain what we need them to support. Especially since my house phone is still dead from the storm. My cell phone has really gotten a work out.
    Now, more on the “upside”. I have met so many wonderful people which I would probably have never known except for this effort. I have learned more about our State Government and how it works.
    Now if we can get rid of Dictator Perry and get the Attorney General to prosecute Ric Williamson for “cooking the books” we will have an easier battle in the days to come.
    Mr. Jim & Miz Beth Lamberth

  16. Jimmy Lamberth

    I apologize for my spelling above. We need a good spell checker here (ha).
    Thanks again to everyone, and a good night to all. I can sleep well tonight.
    Miz Beth is already there.
    Mr. Jim & Miz Beth

  17. Dorthea Edgecombe


    You’ve got my vote and volunteer service…

    Thanks team for all your hard work and effort in fighting for the citizens of Texas.






  19. Edgar L. Terrazas

    Terri: My hat off to you. . .you have persevered and have obtained the result we deserve. I am amazed by the success of your cyberspace campaign and look forward to getting some tips on a project I wish to embark on. Can you please give me a call?

  20. Seth

    Way to go Terri!!! All of your hard work is paying off. Thanks you for being our voice. Keep trusing in the Lord and pressing forward, God bless!

  21. Jim Petersen

    Great work. But the work has only began. This will only establish a 2 year moritorium. During that two year period we must gather our data and experts and get them heard by whatever committee is investigating this scam. We must work to get the funding back for the 281 Flyovers as well. Get the robbers to put the cash they robbed back. Good work Terri and all but there is more work to do.

  22. Charles Lindsey

    Great! I would like to add my thanks to Terri and all those who have taken their time and effort to stop this crazy plot to toll our freeways! I vow to continue the fight and vote out all crooked politicians who are unresponsive to the people who they are supposed to represent. My heartfelt appreciation also to those politicians who have realized what a scam this toll program business is and who now have our support for “doing the right thing”! Maybe now we can get some funds restored to put bridges on 1604 and 281 and eliminate those idiot stop-lights. Let’s see, how many are there on I-10? You think there might be a reason there are none? How about–TO KEEP TRAFFIC MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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