Highway contractor PBS&J using settlement money to hide more overbilling!

NOTE: Our San Antonio MPO Transportation Policy Board just awarded a contract to this corrupt company who has already plead guilty to ripping off Texas taxpayers, and now they’re using embezzlement money to cover their overbilling! We protested the MPO taking TxDOT’s recommendation to hire this company considering their history, and it appears our concerns were well-founded. Contact MPO Chair Richard Perez (210-207-7281) and demand the MPO rescind the contract to this company of criminals!

PBS&J Hid Millions in Overcharges
By Sal Costello
Texas Toll Party
Feb. 15, 2007

The Miami Herald reports today, that PBS&J, a major toll road contractor with TxDOT, is using the $36.6 million embezzlement found in 2006, to hide millions in overcharges. Excerpts from today’s news:

“PBS&J has attributed some of the millions in over billing to three former employees who tried to cover up a $36.6 million embezzlement. But in filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the firm also admitted to its own over billing, although it won’t say by how much. One big client, the Florida Department of Transportation, estimated that more than half of the approximately $11 million it was overcharged had nothing to do with the embezzlement.”

“Attorneys for Garcia said in a court filing that PBS&J is using the embezzlement to hide its own over billing.”

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