Hope Andrade of San Antonio to serve as Interim Chair of Commission

Link to news clip courtesy of Sal Costello, Texas Toll Party here.

Hope Andrade Named Interim Chair of TxDOT

Hope Andrade, who has served on the commission since 2003, has been appointed to a term to expire “at the pleasure of the Governor”.

According to the Governor’s Office, Gov. Rick “39-percent” Perry appointed San Antonio’s Hope Andrade as the interim chair of the Texas Transportation Commission today – to replace Ric Williamson who died from a heart attack just weeks ago. Andrade is expected to continue to ignore Texans and the Texas lege, to force freeway to tollway conversions (as well as the TTC land grab) just as Williamson did.

To see what a bully Andrade is, go here. She removed a blind, disabled veteran from the San Antonio MPO Board for voting against tolls! How mean!

2 Replies to “Hope Andrade of San Antonio to serve as Interim Chair of Commission”

  1. Johnny Charles

    This is amazing since she doesnt even appear to have a college degree. She ran some home health agencies, than the government cracked down on them and her husband is a used car salesman (honestly he is/was)

    I guess she is the real american success story???? we’re all in a lot of trouble.

    What on earth makes her qualified for chair of anything? Isnt there anyone in the entire state that has a degree that is qualified in traffic engineering? Is this the best our Governer (who clearly hates us) can do?

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