Illegal votes found, Macias calls for new election

The voters of District 73 replaced toller Carter Casteel with Representative Nathan Macias in the 2006 election. Now in 2008, after much chicanery in the District 73 race between Macias and Casteel cohort, Doug Miller, there is incontrovertible evidence of illegal votes. The court must call for a new election. Be watching for when the new election will be scheduled, and let’s get out the vote for one of the stalwart heroes of our cause, Rep. Nathan Macias.

March 31, 2008

MACIAS ASKS FOR NEW ELECTION BASED ON EVIDENCE OF ILLEGAL VOTINGInvites opponent Doug Miller to join him in support of a fair and honest election

Bulverde – State Representative Nathan Macias (R-Bulverde) today filed an election contest in Comal County District Court seeking to have a new election for the Republican nomination for House District 73.

Macias, who has a mere 17 vote deficit after a recount of the over 29,000 votes cast in the district, pointed to documents obtained from the Texas Secretary of State that show over 200 individuals registered in district 73 voted in both the Republican and the Democratic party primaries held on March 4, 2008. Voting in both primaries is illegal, and Texas law holds that such votes are void.

Macias stated, “I invite my opponent to join with me in this endeavor to provide the citizens of our district the certainty of an election where no vote is compromised and the outcome is certain. The great people of District 73 deserve to know that their representative was elected in a process that was fair and honest, and that the integrity of each person’s ballot was protected. Our citizens deserve no less.”

Macias concluded, “Our election judges and clerks work very hard to maintain the proper security in our elections and it is clear that the election process needs reform. That is why I worked hard last session to author and vote for voter ID and certification of citizenship as a start to comprehensive election reform.”

Texas law allows a candidate to contest an election when the outcome cannot be determined. The high number of double votes and other deficiencies outlined in Macias’ lawsuit are consistent with circumstances that would require a new election.


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  1. Esteban Erik Stipnieks

    Lets see toll road proponnents like Frank Corte lied using the Marine Corps uniform and the silver oak leaves of Lt Col to back up the lie….if Macias expects that ilk to act honorable I hope he is not holding his breath.

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