It's gettin' ugly: Castro campaign worker caught on video vandalizing Balido's mock toll booth

See Castro’s campaign worker vandalizing a mock “toll booth” in an attempt to intimidate and suppress anti-toll voters here.

After weeks of costly vandalism to his campaign signs and other materials, Nelson Balido, candidate for Dist. 125 State Representative says enough is enough. The latest incident was captured on videotape, and police are now investigating.

On Thursday, October 12th at 12:01 am, a woman was videotaped vandalizing a mock “toll booth” and stealing signage erected by Nelson Balido, candidate for the Dist. 125 state representative seat. A police report was filed with San Antonio Police (case # 06-846027).

The woman “caught in the act” of vandalizing Balido property was driving a Mitsubishi Montero that is registered to Leticia Montoya Cantu, a paid worker and supporter of Balido’s opponent, Joaquin Castro. Ms. Cantu also served as a paid political consultant for Castro’s twin brother, Julian Castro, in his failed run for San Antonio mayor. Ms. Cantu is also an administrative assistant for City Councilwoman Delecia Herrera (District 6).

“This isn’t the first incident we’ve experienced,” Balido said. “For weeks we’ve found our signs shredded and destroyed. Some of our supporters have reported having their “Balido” signs replaced in their front yards with “Castro” signs. We’ve asked the Castro camp to stop the dirty politics, but our requests have fallen on deaf ears. We finally set up video surveillance to see if we could catch the culprits, and within 30 minutes it happened again. The video tells it all.”

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  1. Esteban Erik Stipnieks

    Well if you can’t beat em with your ideas your concepts your wisdom…..beat em up take their signs and scream bigot!

    Viva El Patron Castro keeping you trapped on slow roads and useless schools because he cares.

  2. Laura Dylla

    These issues are getting murkier and muddier. Like a pond that used to be clear, but is now filled with so much run-off, sludge, and excrement…no longer sustains life, it seems as if the life of Texas and future generations is also being snuffed out before even having a chance to be born.

    The thought of a future with CAFTA, (a NAFTA remake with horrendous overtones for all Americans), just seems so abhorrent that you wonder where you can move to escape the pile of garbage being foisted on Texans and Americans. But NO, I am a Texas born and raised woman; wife, mother and grandmother and I’ll be darned if I will let these one-worlders decimate what so many Texans have lived and died for. I am a working woman, who after being a stay at home mom to raise my 5 children and help my farmer husband, at 55 years of age, opened a business in La Vernia…I want to be financially stable and safe…my dream is to be rich too, but not at the expense of other people…their homes, their livelihood…their very dreams to do the same thing.

    Many things have happened in the history of Texas and the United States that are not shiny or bright, but we have always survived and gone on to do better and greater things…maybe in atonement for the wrongs that were done because we are a government “of the people, by the people and for the people” first and foremost…not a government “of the money, by the money and for the money”. There is enough wealth available for all people to be safe, happy and prosperous…without anyone losing their homes, farms, and lifelong memories for the sake of making GREATER profits for the few and privileged.

    I hope and pray that Texans, and citizens of other states in these United States of America, wake up to the travesty being pushed upon Americans in private, secret meetings going on accross these wonderful lands…to make us a one-world, one-government country with NO sovereignty or NO UNITED STATES of AMERICA anymore. The time to begin to fight back is with the upcoming elections. Whether you will vote INDEPENDANT like I will, or stick with the overly pompous dominant parties, you need to get out there and study the issues before we are buried under a morass of crap without any daylight, any free lands, any FREE roads, or any United States of America to call home.

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