It's gettin' ugly: Castro campaign worker caught on video vandalizing Balido's mock toll booth

See Castro’s campaign worker vandalizing a mock “toll booth” in an attempt to intimidate and suppress anti-toll voters here.

After weeks of costly vandalism to his campaign signs and other materials, Nelson Balido, candidate for Dist. 125 State Representative says enough is enough. The latest incident was captured on videotape, and police are now investigating.

On Thursday, October 12th at 12:01 am, a woman was videotaped vandalizing a mock “toll booth” and stealing signage erected by Nelson Balido, candidate for the Dist. 125 state representative seat. A police report was filed with San Antonio Police (case # 06-846027).

The woman “caught in the act” of vandalizing Balido property was driving a Mitsubishi Montero that is registered to Leticia Montoya Cantu, a paid worker and supporter of Balido’s opponent, Joaquin Castro. Ms. Cantu also served as a paid political consultant for Castro’s twin brother, Julian Castro, in his failed run for San Antonio mayor. Ms. Cantu is also an administrative assistant for City Councilwoman Delecia Herrera (District 6).

“This isn’t the first incident we’ve experienced,” Balido said. “For weeks we’ve found our signs shredded and destroyed. Some of our supporters have reported having their “Balido” signs replaced in their front yards with “Castro” signs. We’ve asked the Castro camp to stop the dirty politics, but our requests have fallen on deaf ears. We finally set up video surveillance to see if we could catch the culprits, and within 30 minutes it happened again. The video tells it all.”