#1 – Call these SWING VOTES!
Ask them to vote FOR Tommy Adkisson as Chair.

Contact Windcrest Mayor Jack Leonhardt at (210) 599-2599 or via email at
(Leonhardt told Adkisson he’d vote for him but then backed away AND he denied Larson’s request to move mtg time in order to accommodate Terry Brechtel of the tolling authority…he apparently favors UN-elected people’s schedules over ELECTED officials)

Contact Gloria Ariaga Exec Dir of Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG) at (210) 362-5201

Contact Selma Councilman Bill Weeper at (210) 651-6661

Contact Senator Carlos Uresti at (210) 932-2568 or (said he’d vote FOR Tommy but may not show up)

#2 – Contact your City Councilmember and insist they elect Tommy Adkisson Chair of the MPO!  Any politician who attempts to control the MPO Board with the City’s toll agenda (electing Sheila McNeil) does so at their own peril!

Find your City Councilmember by calling: (210) 207-7040
Email them from here…

Even if YOUR councilmember is not on the MPO Board, they need to communicate YOUR desires to the City’s representatives on the MPO to vote accordingly!

Estimated vote count at MPO

and roll votes Adkisson’s way…
Adkisson McNeil Undecided
Sen. Carlos Uresti

Rep. David Leibowitz

Com. Tommy Adkisson

Com. Lyle Larson

Com. Chico Rodriguez

Joe Aceves
(County employee)

Bill Weeper
(Councilman in Selma – in I-35 toll area)

Melissa Castro-Killen
Councilwoman Diane Cibrian (wants tolling authority to be voting member)

Councilman Justin Rodriguez
(had TxDOT at his fundraisers)

Councilman Phillip Cortez
(unable to attend)

Councilwoman Sheila McNeil
(had pro-toll Richard Perez at fundraisers & tight with Zachry)

Tom Wendorf
(City Public Works)

Emil Moncivais
(City Planning)

Ruby Perez (Via) (TxDOT Commissioner Hope Andrade replaced an anti-toll Via vote with this pro-toll one)

David Casteel (TxDOT) Should abstain but may not

Clay Smith
(TxDOT) Should abstain but may not

Jack Leonhardt (Mayor of Windcrest) (‘waffler in chief’ since he said he would support Tommy but now may not)

Gloria Arriaga (Alamo Area Council of Governments)  (UNELECTED & said she’d vote for Adkisson and is now unsure and may abstain!)

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