Larson hired Zachry's PR firm, a bidder on 281 toll road

Follow the Money
Larson hires bidder on 281 toll road

By Terri Hall, Founder, San Antonio Toll Party
February 19, 2008

To modify a line from Shakespeare, “Methinks Lyle Larson dost protest too much.” Bexar County Commissioner Lyle Larson, who finds himself in a tight race for Congress, protested our criticisms too much and with far too much vitriol than warranted. Here’s why…

Larson has hired a firm, KGB, to handle public relations for his campaign. Nothing unusual about that, right? Here’s the kicker. KGB also happens to be part of Zachry’s consortium that’s bidding on the 281 toll road (click on KGB, then scroll down to “approved short list” of bidders on 281 toll project). Not only does this revelation remove all doubt about Larson’s position on toll roads, it also explains the very publicized personal attack on me to attempt to discredit our suspicions about his toll road stance. It’s PR 101 to shoot the messenger, call your enemy a liar, and deflect attention from the real issue, which is Larson’s inexplicable behavior of refusing to replace a pro-toll appointee to the tolling authority when he emphatically claims to be anti-toll.

But Larson protested too much and too loudly, which caused further digging. Now the cat’s out of the bag in plenty of time to effect the outcome of the election. If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a citizen advocate, it’s this. If something doesn’t smell right, it’s highly likely that it isn’t right.

Unfortunately, too many elected officials are politicians rather than statesmen. They equivocate, “spin,” misrepresent, and accuse anyone who dares to criticize them to be looneys and liars. But at the end of the day, follow the money. The truth will be found out, and the truth will set the taxpayers free! Now go do what your conscience tells you to do on March 4!

11 Replies to “Larson hired Zachry's PR firm, a bidder on 281 toll road”

  1. Mark Caley

    Given Lyle Larson’s long history and past actions and stance AGAINST toll roads he deserves the benefit of the doubt. Give him a chance. If he proves you wrong then you can crucify him.

  2. Bob Dickinson

    I believe that Larson knew what associating with KGB would mean to anti-tollers. Obviously, he decided that our anti-toll vote is not important to his election. This is the latest nail in his election coffin in my opinion. Something does smell, and I don’t believe that he has enough time to clean it off of him before the election. I will not be voting for Larson.

  3. Daryl Short

    The fact that he appointed a ‘pro-toller’ is proof enough to all, and for that, represents all that is against what he has supposedly represented and voiced on behalf of the citizens. This speaks volumes. Are you listening?!? I am.

  4. Mr Smith

    Show me the Money…this is what Larson has been saying to Zachary. Follow the trail and you know where Larson is really coming from. He is a politician therefore he will do what it takes to get elected.

  5. Marsha Porter

    Thanks, Terri, for staying on top of those ‘jerks’. In the past, I have liked what comes out of Lyle Larson’s mouth, but not now. Two things have turned me against him, (1) The worm’s (Jeff Wentworth) endorsement and (2) because of Lyle’s stance on toll roads.

    He will NOT get my vote!

  6. Meg Green

    I think we are LONG past ‘giving Larson the benefit of the doubt’. HIs action in appointing a ‘toller’ and now hiring a ‘toller’ prove where his allegiance “lies”.

  7. John Long

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then chances are, it’s a duck. We have been giving too many of these incumbents the benefit of the doubt. If we continue to return politicians of the ilk of Lyle Larson, Edmund Kuempel, Jeff Wentworth, Ricky Perry, and George W. Bush back to their seats of power, then it is unreasonable to expect future legislation to be any better than the past. I’m not from Missouri; however, if I send someone up to Austin or Washington, then he best SHOW ME some positive results. If he fails the first time, shame on me to give him the benefit of the doubt the second time. This isn’t baseball, they shouldn’t be given three strikes before they’re out.

  8. Kurtis Pickett

    I would have to say that “Larson” did, past tense, have a good reputation. His refusal to help get anti toll reps appointed. His campaign advertisement where Toll promoter Wentworth endorses him. Now hiring, wonder if thats FREE public relations work thru Zachry.

    Larson appears to have “GONE OVER TO THE DARK SIDE”. In direct response to Mr. Caley, if you paid attention you might not want to give him a chance. Evidence noted!

  9. Nick Ozerov

    What do you have to say in your defence now Lyle? Your comments regarding the “groundless accusations” are shown to be political posturing with no substance.

    You have a right to support whatever you believe in. You also have a moral obligation to be honest about your position to your constituents.

    Think about it Lyle.

    Nick Ozerov

  10. Jerry Brantley

    I have long been a supporter of Lyle Larson. I am very disappointed in him for hiring this firm. I believe the reason is simple. He needs the highway lobby to push him over the top in his primary race with Canseco. He would be defeated for sure if he couldn’t get their support. So he just sold out to them. Same for Frank Corte. I knew something was up with Lyle when the first radio ads came out with Wentworth as the spokesperson for him. Wentworth and Corte are two reasons why we need term limits at the state level.

    Is there someone out there who can explain to me why people such as new city councilpersons automatically get right in line with the pro-tollers. What are Hardberger and Wolfe telling them? There must be some kind of a storyline they are getting. Is it simply a money issue – that they will get plenty of money to get reelected and then the promise of a job or new business after they serve their terms? What are they being told behind closed doors? It seems like Hardberger and Wolfe have their thumb directly on top of each of the elected officials that serve under them.

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