Larson calls for PUBLIC VOTE on tolls; Perry's response: I'm not worried about the outrage.

This morning on Trey Ware’s Show on KTSA 550 AM, Commissioner Lyle Larson took his strongest stand yet in the fight to allow a PUBLIC VOTE on toll roads and he asked Perry to add transportation funding to the call in the next special session of the Legislature (believed to be in April) to address school finance. The subject of the show was about Larson’s second letter to the Governor in less than a month regarding the outcry against toll roads from his precinct. See text of his letter below.

Larson also came out strongly stating that the State is, in fact, turning private land taken exclusively through the government’s unique powers of eminent domain over to private toll operators for profit. He mentioned the only response to his first letter to Perry was a letter from Williamson with a condescending tone essentially saying none of us knows what we’re talking about and said Larson’s perpetuating the myth of double taxation. It’s no myth, Mr. Williamson, the Comptroller of the State of Texas, Carole Keeton Strayhorn, declared it as such in her report on Regional Mobility Authorities last year: see it here.

Trey Ware was astounded at such arrogance and Larson said he has been told by Perry’s political arm that his polls show only a few portions in Travis, Bexar, and Comal counties (the areas most effected by the first round of tolls on existing freeways) are upset, and Perry’s not worried about toll roads effecting his re-election. Ware chimed in that Perry is going to be booted out of office over this. Boy, do we AGREE! Continue to spread the word and get everyone you know in Texas to sign our online petition to tell Perry LOUD & CLEAR that a SUPERMAJORITY of Texans are against his freeway toll scheme: Let’s send ‘im packing!

Read Larson’s letter to Governor Perry here.

See the $8.6 billion that should have gone to highways that has gone elsewhere thanks to Ric Williamson among others:
Gas Tax Diversion Chart.

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