Last push for HB 1892…let's get it to the Governor!

It’s a been a very long, hard road to get this far (we and many other organizations have been monitoring, testifying, advocating, etc.), but here’s the latest in a nutshell.

HB 1892, the only private toll moratorium left that could reach the Governor in time, could be brought to a vote at ANY time!

Call your Representative (find out who represents you here.) and ask them to support HB 1892, the private toll moratorium. Capitol switchboard is: (512) 463-4630.

The Senate amended the bill and TxDOT and the Governor are using those changes to peel off support. The changes by and large improve the situation and require greater accountability from TxDOT. We’ve come so far, we cannot let the special interests win now…

San Antonio Reps below:
Frank Corte –
Ruth McClendon-Jones –
Jose Menendez –
Robert Puente –
Mike Villarreal –
Edmund Kuempel –
Joe Farias –
David Leibowitz –
Nathan Macias –
Joe Straus –
Joaquin Castro –
Trey Martinez-Fischer –

Senator Jeff Wentworth stripped our roads OUT of the moratorium in committee and after a deluge of your calls, added 281 back in on the floor. He never explicitly included 1604 as we asked. However, since HB 1892 explicitly puts 281 in the moratorium, it effectively kills the current CDA contract now in negotiations because the current CDA is for BOTH 281 and 1604. You take out one and the CDA is no longer the same. Therefore, 1604 as a private toll road is also nixed. The bill has already passed the House and Senate, now it goes back to the House for a final floor vote accepting the changes made in the Senate and then FINALLY onto the Governor’s desk.