Leohardt's betrayal of Adkisson in full color on YouTube!

Windcrest Mayor Jack Leonhardt betrayed his own County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson (who endorsed Leonhardt) and the Council of Mayors who appointed him to the MPO in order to give the City of San Antonio a quid pro quo for his own self-interest. Read details here.

Watch his pontificating prior to the vote where he DIRECTLY tells the MPO Board to vote against Commissioner Adkisson (so much for being an un-biased parliamentarian who presided over the vote) so as not to label the Board “anti-toll” due to Adkisson’s criticism of toll plans in full color on YouTube here.

Never mind that the community IS against the proposed toll plans and Adkisson is merely trying to reflect what the community wants! He’s representing the taxpayers while Leonhardt carries the highway lobby’s water! Leonhardt even contradicts himself when, first, he says the Chair vote isn’t about toll vs. anti-toll, then later he says he doesn’t want the MPO to be labeled anti-toll if Adkisson were Chair. Nice try, Mayor, it was a pro-toll vs. anti-toll vote…you made that clear! I’m sure the citizens of Windcrest will be outraged to learn of their Mayor’s pro-toll antics since I-35, their main artery, is in the toll plans.