Letter to Editor: Perry doesn't deserve to serve, majority isn't getting representation

from statesman letters today:
Thursday, November 09, 2006
Majority didn’t want this

Every Texas voter should be upset with the election for governor. No matter which party, Republican, Democrat or Libertarian, no one should occupy the Governor’s Mansion without winning a
majority of the votes cast. To have a governor who received only 39 percent of the vote goes against the very principle of majority rules.

Everyone should be outraged by this. It is time to put pressure on our representatives in Austin to change the Texas Constitution to guarantee that this doesn’t happen again. If this means having
a runoff, so be it. Better to have a runoff than have any governor who 61 percent of Texans voted against. It is time for the 61 percent (silent majority) to stand up and be heard. It’s time to
put the election of state officials in the hands of the majority.


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