Locals battle State on 121 Tollway in Dallas, say tolls higher if State runs it

It doesn’t come as a surprise to those of us following Perry’s “innovative financing” to tolling Texas highways that local officials in Dallas are being railroaded by TxDOT in a public-private partnership takeover of the 121 toll project. Read it in the Dallas Morning News.

Here’s some of the highlights. Note how the local officials actually use some of our terms, like double taxation and taxation without representation!…

According to Frisco officials, if the state ends up in control of the project, annual tolls are expected to be more than double the amount that would be charged under a plan proposed by Collin County, Frisco, Allen, McKinney and Plano….

…Frisco Mayor Pro Tem Maher Maso noted that Texas taxpayers already paid for Highway 121’s existing lanes. But state officials are considering awarding contracts for the project to private companies, which could then set tolls as high as the market will bear, he said…

…”Not only is that double taxation, it is taxation without representation,” Mr. Maso said…

…Frisco officials estimated that state plans to use Highway 121 as a cash cow would increase initial annual tolls for a twice-a-day driver by more than $700 – not counting weekends. Mr. Purefoy argued that the highway should be available to all residents, not just those who are wealthy.
He also said that the Texas Transportation Commission wants to use excess tolls from Highway 121 in Collin County to fund other projects outside the county.

“This entire group up here is against that concept,” the city manager told the audience as he gestured toward City Council members….

…Mr. Purefoy also was critical of statements last month by Ric Williamson, chairman of the state transportation commission, who said keeping highway costs as low as possible is “not necessarily in the best interest of solving the state’s transportation dilemma” and that limiting consumers’ costs “is not our strategy.”

Mr. Purefoy said he interpreted Mr. Williamson’s comments to mean: “He calls us sheep that he wants to fleece.”

“I don’t know if that gets your blood boiling, but it does mine,” he said. “They shouldn’t be taking money out of your pocket to help fund roadways somewhere else.”

Sound familiar? Where are our local county commissioners and State legislators on this key issue that effects the future of our city? Why aren’t they defending us from this highway robbery? With only two notable exceptions, Commission Tommy Adkisson and Commissioner Lyle Larson, our local elected officials are silent and think they can avoid the issue and just cruise to re-election! Contact these tollers and our local elected officials to tell them to say “No” to Governor Perry and his Transportation Commission’s attempts to overtax the citizens of Texas to line the pockets of private interests or they’ll be escorted from office!
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