Macias launches campaign to unseat "Toller" Carter Casteel

Yippee! We have a candidate to unseat the queen of tolls, State Representative Carter Casteel. The same Carter Casteel who tried to deny she tolled her district and then admitted she did, then defended it by saying, “No one in my district will have to pay a toll” at a Town Hall Meeting in June 2005. Now really, that’s the weakest defense of double tax tolls I’ve ever heard! She acts as though her constituents only drive within the hermetically sealed border of her district. Excuse me , Ms. Casteel, have you ever heard of state highway US 281? Your district drives it along with I-10 and I-35 every day into work and TxDOT has plans to toll every one of those highways! She also reportedly told the Government Relations Committee of the Boerne Chamber of Commerce last December that the tolls would someday be removed from the roads like they were on the Dallas-Ft. Worth Turnpike (I-30). Hmmm, Casteel obviously takes us for fools since the Governor on down freely admits they NEVER plan to take the tolls off of these roads. That’s the whole point…a new tax, a new state revenue stream! More misleading double speak from the double tax toller of District 73 (Comal, Gillespie, Kendall, and Bandera Counties).

Read about Nathan Macias in this article in the New Braunfels Newspaper.