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Recount Concludes, Macias wins District 73 Republican Primary by 53 Votes

Bulverde – My sincere thanks to the very impressive team of party officials, county officials and volunteers who worked marvelously to conduct the recount in a highly professional manner.

Once again, the closeness of this election is not lost on me. I look forward to reaching out to all communities and all constituents, working to form strong relationships for the good of the district.

I am fully indebted to my excellent staff (Candace Turitto and Adam Bell) and the hundreds of amazing volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure this tremendous victory, but I must say that my family, wife Susan and children (Caleb, Luke, Aaron, Grace, Leah, Hannah and little Abigail) have been the wind beneath my wings. I will be forever grateful to them for the support and energy they brought to the campaign.

I offer my best to Representative Casteel during the upcoming special session as she fights hard for us, the citizens of the 73rd House District. I also give my best to her entire family and hope for their continued success both personally and professionally.

To the citizens of the great 73rd District, I humbly accept your charge to represent you with integrity, and to promote the conservative values of our grand old party and our beloved State. I said throughout the campaign trail that I will run, govern and vote as a conservative Republican, and I will keep my word.

As stated from the beginning, I will be a strong pro-life conservative, work tirelessly to lower the property tax burden and continue to improve our education system. I will crack down on illegal immigration, always oppose the conversion of free roads to toll roads, and go out of my way to protect personal property rights. And as a fiscally responsible conservative I will look for ways to bring efficiency to our state government and eliminate wasteful spending. I will be available, willing to listen, and truly vote the values of the district.

I once again thank you for the opportunity to put my heart of service to work for you in Austin. I will always guard your trust and I will not let you down!

On to victory in November! God bless you and God Bless Texas!



  1. Esteban Erik Stipnieks

    Well Macias we will behind you and we want you to hold goverment accountable to the people so it will be by the people for the people not for big biz buy big biz.

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