Message to Senator Carona from a member of his Party

Senator Carona,

I am writing you as a political ally with a dire warning. There is a huge backlash awaiting the Legislature if private toll roads are allowed. We will not forget those who sold us out: how can we, when we will be forced to pay foreign corporations every day for the rest of our lives for the privilege of driving roads we already paid for? This is not something that will go away with the passage of time.

Please, for the sake of the future of the GOP in Texas, immediately move SB 1267 out of committee. It’s unacceptable to thwart the will of two thirds of the Legislature who are doing the will of the people! Also, continue to address the needed reforms such as non-competes, foreign management, length of contracts, buy-outs, and up-front payments and MOVE THOSE BILLS AS WELL!

Finally, address transportation funding with accountability and transparency. It is the Legislature’s duty to rein in this out of control agency including tying their funds to certain measures of accountability PRIOR TO ANY INCREASE IN GAS TAX OR OTHER FUNDING. TxDOT is a corrupt, unaccountable agency that has already defrauded the public by cooking the books and halting GAS TAX FUNDED road projects to use CDAs. Their spokesmen have deliberately lied to the public and the Legislature, and have not been called into account for doing so. They are laughing at you, senator!

TxDOT’s high handed methods are provoking the population to anger with their government, and that does not bode well for the party in power, the GOP. King Perry and his appointed cronies are living proof of the worst charges liberals level against Republicans: Big Business, Big Payoffs, and economic tyranny for the working class.

The people will not forget, and 39% does not a mandate make, whatever King Perry would like to think.

–Grady S. and Rachel McClung