Motorists hopping mad at signal timing on US 281

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Drivers unhappy with U.S. 281 traffic lights
By Nydia Lopez
KENS 5 Eyewitness News
Some drivers say the traffic lights installed on U.S. 281 north are creating more problems than they are meant to solve.

The Texas Department of Transportation says the three lights were installed in November for safety reasons, after numerous wrecks and complaints.

“There’s been a lot of accidents in that area, and people have shown concern something needs to be done out there,” said Laura Lopez of TxDOT.

John Borbon said the lights an unnecessary roadblock.

“Those lights are quite irritating,” he said.

Borbon’s commute takes him from Marshall Road and U.S. 281 to downtown. It used to be a breeze.

“I’ve seen traffic jam has actually extended by miles in both directions. And it’s actually added 15, 20, 25 minutes more to our commute,” Borbon said.

Borbon said he understands the necessity for the lights, he just wants TxDOT to do something about the congestion.TxDOT does plan to expand U.S. 281 from 8 and up to 12 lanes, sometime next year.