NYT notes loophole in Texas eminent domain law to allow toll roads and Trans Texas Corridor to take private land for private gain

Read the New York Times article here.

Is it really eminent domain protection when the loophole involves the most widely opposed policy in Perry’s administration? Governor Perry, with the willing acquiescence of the legislature, has enacted the biggest land grab in Texas history taking over 1 million acres of private Texas land through eminent domain and handing it over to foreign companies for private gain. It’s known as the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC) and what was first revealed to be a 4,000 mile network of toll roads is now an 8,000 mile network. What was 580,000 acres of private Texas land (primarily in rural areas) has become 1 million! And that’s BEFORE the extra right of way is purchased to toll every major freeway throughout Texas in urban areas, too! The highway lobby is on the march and they’ll succeed if we don’t band together in a taxpayer revolt the size of Texas! Sign our petition here.

For more information on the TTC, go to www.CorridorWatch.org.