Orange County, CA resident weighs in on fat cat politicians & toll roads

Much of what I read on your site rings true here in So. California. With no toll roads within living memory, Orange County fat cats have constructed 51 miles of under-used toll roads here. We’ve had 10 years to see the results. And the roads have failed by all relevant standards.

The Non-Compete Agreements have effectively let the Transportation Corridor Authority hi-jack ALL transportation planning in the county. The roads dump extra traffic onto our freeways at peak hours because the majority of drivers can’t justify paying the high tolls. As a result the toll ways are busy only at peak times– and are often jammed just like the freeways.

These roads don’t carry their own weight, financially or traffic-wise.

Whose idea was it to abandon the concept of public highways? Politicians who can make money on the side.

Your site provides many good ideas for our own “toll party” efforts.

Please let me know if there’s anything we can do to aid your cause.


Pete V.