Perez plot foiled!

Great news! Former Councilman Richard Perez’ illegal plot to install himself as an “alternate” member of the MPO Transportation Policy Board AFTER he was no longer in office was foiled by active citizens who SPOKE UP…not mention we threatened a lawsuit if the Mayor and Council voted to make it happen.

Though Perez was successful in amending the MPO bylaws to make his coup appear legal, it clearly didn’t comport with FEDERAL LAW that doesn’t allow an UN-elected member on the Board. After alerting the press, spreading the word across the airwaves, and citizens contacting their councilmembers to protest, THE AGENDA ITEM TO VOTE to assign an alternate to the MPO WAS TABLED at last week’s City Council meeting. Read more about his power grab here and here. The tollers’ lawlessness thwarted again!