Perry dodges question on the Trans Texas Corridor

Link to more background info here. Watch the video of the “dodge” below…

The Victoria Advocate asked a simple question of Rick Perry August 6, but this video shows a long-winded “dodge” to the reporter’s question (because he’s still pushing the Trans Texas Corridor (or TTC) and knows it’s political suicide to admit it).

In fact, he intentionally misleads the public into thinking the Texas Legislature killed the TTC last session when, in fact, it did not. The TTC-35 contract was signed in 2005 and has not been revoked or bought out. The entire TTC-69 was excepted out the moratorium so segments of it can go under contract with foreign entities through 2011. The bill to repeal the Trans Texas Corridor (introduced by Rep. David Leibowitz) never made it out of committee, and it was later attached to a bill that died.

Texans for Kay launched a web page with a clock keeping track, in real time, of how long it takes for Texans to get a yes or no answer from Perry. We’re still waiting…

2 Replies to “Perry dodges question on the Trans Texas Corridor”

  1. Bob

    Typical politician answer. Total head fake because he thinks we are stupid.
    Why can’t they just admit what he wants and stand up there and tell us why it is in our best interest to do this but he can’t because he doesn’t have a good arguement as to why it is in our best interest. BECAUSE it is not in our best interest!!

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