Editorial: Perry needs to be impeached

Many citizens have repeatedly asked if Texans can recall this Governor (especially in light of the fact he was re-elected with only 39% of the vote)…now there’s calls for what our representatives CAN DO and that is….IMPEACH him!

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The governor must be impeached
By Paul Perry
Waxahachie Daily Light
February 4, 2007

The governor’s mandate of the HPV vaccine is indicative of a man who has lost touch with the citizens of our state.

As reported in DallasBlog.com, Merck’s Gardasil (HPV) vaccine already has been under fire nationally from the National Vaccine Information Center, which claims that “Merck’s clinical trials did not prove the human papillomavirus vaccine designed to prevent cervical cancer and genital warts is safe to give to young girls.” NVIC cites the trial studies as showing there were serious problems with adverse reaction to the shots: “Nearly 90 percent of Gardasil recipients … followed-up for safety reported one or more adverse events within 15 days of vaccination, particularly at the injection site. Pain and swelling at injection occurred in approximately 83 percent of Gardasil” recipients. A majority of the young women who received Gardasil complained about “serious adverse events such as headache, gastroenteritis, appendicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, asthma, bronchospasm and arthritis,” according to NVIC.

This vaccine is very questionable and has not been in use long enough for there to be a comfort factor with many parents. What will it do to growing bodies long term? I am not opposed to vaccines in general, but the governor can count me as a one dissatisfied constituent on this one.

At best this move is irresponsible, at worst, it reeks of the odor of quid pro quo like some of the governor’s other moves. Why was the legislature circumvented by the executive in this case? The legislature had just now convened and had not had time to even visit the vaccine issue in full. A rational person should ask the question, just what was promised to the governor here?

Will big pharma dollars now back the governor’s future aspirations? A vice presidential nomination seems to be being talked about in Austin. The taxpayer- and property owner-hostile, foreign profiteer-backed Trans-Texas Corridor also comes to mind; Cintra-Zachary would no doubt love to keep the governor on the friends list. Why is it necessary to legislate away normal state and federal constitutional protections to build a road, Guv? It appears large interests can have all the friends they can afford, especially in Texas.

While the governor’s picked committee on appraisal reform came forward with a few decent suggestions concerning spending limitation, the overall report was at best anemic. They did not address the imbalances in the appeal process, for instance. In meetings all over the state I hear taxpayers suggest moving lesser dollar appeals to the JP courts. The governor’s committee proposal suggesting the appointment of Central Appraisal District representatives by the district judges and calling them “taxpayer representatives” would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. All over the state, Texans called for at least some members of both Appraisal and Appeals Boards to be popularly elected. I know that some members of the committee were people of good will, but a reasonable person could wonder how stacked the committee was with the governor’s own cronies. The arrogance over the vaccine issue seals it. The governor must be impeached.

I wish we didn’t share a last name.

Paul D. Perry is a resident of Ellis County and former Ellis County Justice of the Peace for Pct. 4.

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  1. Jimmy Lamberth

    You took my line that I intend to use to close my comments at the meeting on tolling Hwy 281 north in San Antonio, Texas on Feb 7. rick perry must be impeached!!
    I appreciate your information on the “possible side effects” of this vaccine. I will include that information in my “soap box” on rick perry. I preach it to everyone who will listen.
    We MUST TAKE BACK TEXAS!! The blood of our forefathers demand it.
    Feel free to use my name.
    Jimmy Lamberth, 12420 Stuart Rd. San Antonio, Texas 78263

  2. Laura Dylla

    Wow, this says it all, Paul. Thanks for your honesty about having the same last name, I would too be wount to if I have the same.

    What bothers me, is what he is not saying. Does Perry have HPV? Did Perry infect his wife? Does Perry’s son or daughter have HPV??? Or is this just a FOLLOW THE MONEY scheme?

    Is Perry like the wicked businessman of scripture that Jesus talks about, just getting his ducks inorder so that he has a place of employment after leaving the governor’s office?

    We know that a former Perry henchman, is now employed by Cintra along with his daughter as lobbyists. Now a former chief of staff is employed by Merck. The STINK in the Governor’s office in Austin is beginning to reek of self-serving interests.

    Perry lost his own county in the recent elections. What does this tell us of their confidence in Perry’s character and his moral turpitude?

  3. Brad Lamberth

    “Dictator” Perry, our Governer, is a man with nothing to lose. I know he’s not a real Dictator, but he sure is acting like he thinks he is. He knows his re-election came without the votes of many of the Republican constituant, and his long term prognosis in the State of Texas is “Terminal”. His only hope, is to win support nationally, or in the private sector by “quid pro quo”. Since he will likely cost the Republicans the Governorship in the next State elections, I hope the “Party” is smart enough to see what a pompus anchor he really is. I sure have changed my mind and I don’t mind saying, I as a Republican,voted for Mr. Bell in the last election.

    This makes Mr. Perry a very dangerous man as he has proved with TTC and now with MERCKS. His next target…to make a rich enviroment for legalized gambling in the State of Texas, by giving away the lottery to…You guessed it…Another private company. I wonder who he knows that wants the lottery?

    He has lost sight of his constituancy and has become a man controlled by self interest not the best interest of this State. I will not say he’s bought, but my old grandmother used to tell me as a young lad, “Son, even if you can’t see it, you ought to at least be able to smell it”!

    He wants, and is scary close, to destroying state and federal protections in order to sell our State out to the highest bidder. In this case Spain. This project will absolutly falter if any of the other states in the chain between Mexico and Canada are smarter or more “voter” goverened and decide against participating.

    Either way, if Dictator Perry has his way, we will buy the biggest white elephant (this is not Republican humor) in the history of Texas. And how much does this wonderful white elephant cost? Well taxpayers will get to foot the bill for destroying already existing roadways because law forbids Cintra/Zachry/Perry from using them as toll ways. Then we will get to pay for buying the land so a private company can then rebuild these same roadways as toll ways. How is this cheaper than using the gas tax to do less construction? I guess I went to a different math class and that’s why I’m not Governor!

    And if these companies do not profit after they build, we as taxpayers then get to buy back this white elephant again. It’s written into the contract with Cintra/Zachry. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Texans have everything to lose and the only thing they can gain, if they are not careful, is a monolith to one of the biggest shell games in history if “Dictator Perry” is allowed to run unfettered.

    As for the HPV virus vacination. Dictator Perry may take my land and force me to move with his TTC plan, but he will not use my daughter as a “test” subject in a thus far unproved drug. I don’t care how many “Research” dollars it brings into this state’s econmy, my daughter is more important. This drug has not been tested long enough to even guess at the “Lifetime” side effects and he wants to commit our entire states 11+ year old future as the guinne pigs.

    NOT MY DAUGHTER…NOT IN MY LIFETIME…ONLY OVER MY DEAD COLD BODY! Our most precious resource is our children.

    Abstenance, to wait until she is married, is what I am teaching her. This also prevents HPV virus even more effectively than the vacine. Pehaps we should mandate chastity belts instead. That would also prevent the spread most effectively. Or better yet…perhaps Dictator Perry should realize he’s not a dictator or God either one.


    Brad Lamberth

  4. Lani Harmon

    We need to start now the process to recall Perry much the same as California recalled Gov. Gray Davies.

    I am a Republican but I will not vote for ANY one who favors toll roads.

    I am tired of the currect law makers. I want them to listen to the people.

  5. Gladys Cox

    The daughters of Texas are being used in an unethical experiment. The vaccine has never been tested in the United States. Merck only began clinical trials on eleven year old girls last December. The test is being conducted in Japan on one hundred girls. The justice department is investigating Merck for VIOXX. This vaccine may not be safe on young girls.
    Perry must be impeached. He can not be allowed to inject young girls with strange untested vaccines. He is the worst governor Texas has ever had. Not many people voted him. A good portion of those who did vote for him would like to see him go away , because he is a dangerous embarrassment. If he is allowed to remain, he will make life tough for all who disagree with his heavy handed tactics. For the sake of our young girls, that dirty ,old man Perry needs to be impeached.

  6. Jim Caddell

    I will gladly sign a petition to recall the “governor”. We definitely need a recall election in the state of Texas. I began campaigning against Perry when he was caught speeding in south Austin and called the TDPS to send an officer out. He was escorted away shortly thereafter by a DPS officer without a speeding ticket. Then we learn about his Merck connections, parklands and his Trans Texas Corridor. How much corruption and coverup money has he made under the table?

  7. Ronald W. Sprague

    Rick Perry forgets that he works for us, and the little creep lied through his trrth to get elected. There was a time when people like this scum was either deported or put in front of the firing squad.

    It is time that this egotistical little tyrant is reminded that he is also only human and betrayed the trust that we put in our elected officials.

    Our elected officials (including Federal, State, or local), need to be reminded that they are our employee’s and need to be fired when they are inept in their job duties.

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